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28 Jan 04

Kéli - Too Close to Dawn - Night Drive Music

Reviewed by Timo

Our rating: ****
Cat #: NDM001 | Released: 2003 | Format: 12" | Website | BUY THIS RECORD

keli.jpgAndré Kroenert & Axel Schuh are the forces behind Night Drive Music, a new up and coming German tech/dub house label. Their first release is a 4 track ep by a new Californian artist Kéli.

"Too Close to Dawn" is a very strong debut for both her and the label. All 4 tracks are solid, though a little bit of variation in production could've made this a 5 star ep - but that's a very very minor gripe.

The overall feel is dubby and techy but what makes Kéli stand apart from the somewhat gray mass of german dubtech releases is her strong sense of melody, b sides "For you" being the best example. If b-sides tracks are more melodic and calmer ("Green Feeling" being the other one), then a-side is a little harder and more hypnotic. "Area101" & "Goodbyes" with their percussive delays and compressed kick make your head nod instantly.

I'll hold the 5 stars this time since I'm pretty sure her next release will be an instant classic. Highly recommended!
-Timo Rotonen