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27 Oct 10

San Soda: Immers & Daarentegen LP (We Play House) review

Reviewed by Pat Lezizmo


immers_daarentegenIf you don't know We Play House Recordings (WPH) you certainly will soon as they launched their first CD album last month. WPH (discography on discogs) was born in 2008 as a very small Belgian label specializing in quality (deep) house music and has become quit big during the last couple of years.

Their current catalogue consists of a dozen EP's, almost only available on Vinyl, with artists like Reggie Dokes, Russ Gabriel, Raoul Lambert, Nacho Marco and San Soda.

If you want to know more about WPH just check the interview I did with Red D, founder of WPH, coming soon here on DR (link will appear here once it's online)


san_sodaSan Soda, being the freshest and most unknown artist on the label, releases after some very good EP's an album: Immers & Daarentegen. The biggest fear I had when I pushed the play button was to have a collection of his best tracks coming from his EP's. But that's not the case!

The album is a real album with interludes, new tracks, older tracks and also some very nice downtempo tracks.

We kick off with "Juno Love", a slow dreamy track to welcome you on a trip to San Soda's world. "Quilombo", one of my favorites, is an older track as it appeared on San Soda's first EP and is the perfect soundtrack to walk in a big city on a rainy day, every time you think the sun might pop up the piano riff pulls you back through the rain drops, break after break. Like typical Belgian weather...

"Evaluation of the evidence" is a nice long downtempo track, which builds up very slowly and reminds me of José Padilla's 'Souvenir' album. Very chill, I would not be surprised if this song would be on a Café Del Mar compilation soon.

With "Hypocrisy" we go back on a house trip with a very moody bass line and some threatening synth chords. Once the lead comes in we are really up to speed.

This vibe continuous with probably the most 'dance floor suited' track of the album: "Let's go". A real house track with a soulful vocal, a funky piano riff, a great break and a real stomping beat!

Now that we are in the mood for a night out we are ready to go more underground with "Cocomo", a track which got already lots of positive comments from Jimpster and Charles Webster to name a few. A simple but very efficient production with a killer bass line, lead and break. The good stuff!

Extras & conclusion

The digipack also offers a mix cd recorded by Red D in 1 take with only 2 turntables and 1 CDJ. The old school way.

In overall Immers & Daarentegen is a nice debut from a young and talented artist who's following his own path and putting some real originality in his tracks. This being done in Belgium makes it really special!

I'm really looking forward to what San Soda, and WPH in general, will release in the future and so should you too!

- Reviewed by Pat Lezizmo

San Soda: Immers & Daarentegen LP

We Play House Recordings
Vinyl, LP, Album, Limited Edition CD, Album
Sep 2010
House, Deep House
Juno Love
Something About Compression
Kylie Bling
Shouts In Peace
  1. Juno Love
  2. Interlude: Milientechnologie 1
  3. Quilombo
  4. Evaluation Of The Evidence (Short Version)
  5. Interlude: Kousevoetjes
  6. Hypocrisy
  7. Something About Compression
  8. Let's Go
  9. Interlude: Milientechnologie 4
  10. Doorsnee
  11. Cocomo
  12. Interlude: NLST
  13. Shouts In Peace
  14. Kylie Bling
  15. NMBSucks
  16. Timbapunk