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DJ biography: Brad Peterson

Location: Edinburgh, UK (Scotland)



"I started experimenting with making tracks and buying dance music records in 92, after I was exposed to the midwest techno and house scenes which was unlike anything I ever heard and changed my life."

- I had always played an instrument..either piano or trombone, and now the flute..hopefully soon the sax. During college I found myself spending more time in the studio than in class. However back then there was no such thing as "music engineering" school that focused on digital studio set ups with computers, no pro tools or any of this stuff. Just several phases of a studio and a set of ears to figure it out. FFWD to now and I'm still doing it!

- As far as music goes, I've been putting records out here and there, some you might never find thanks 2 older aliases and then some under my name. ..stay tuned for more.

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