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26 Oct 05

#14 'Coffee Table Tech' by Estimulo


Mixed by


Location: Berlin, Germany

Estimulo started listening to music in the age of 4, when he recorded music from the radio (mostly RIAS Berlin, FM station of the US-Army in Berlin), cutting them, producing his own radio shows containing his favorite tunes and announcing them.



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A long time coming, here it is - Estimulo's guest mix for Not too long ago it was DR among other sites that influenced him to put online. Now, with a net label Mixomat Recordings under his wings and a steady stream of quality mixes coming from his Berlin studio, he really has gone a long way since the first time we heard about him. Coffee Table Tech features a few cuts from Mixomat Recordings - a very promising label indeed.

If you've followed the DR message board at all, you've noticed that he is regarded highly by some members of the community - and after listening to this mix you may find yourself joining the choir. Take it away, Esti.


01. immer.Chic - Teaser [Mixomat Recordings 005]
download: Mixomat Recordings
02. Henrik Schwarz - Feel Da Vibe [Mood Music]
buy: GEMM
03. Rivera Rotation - Deep Inside [Lounge]
buy: GEMM
04. Oliver Hacke - 21:31 [Trapez]
buy: GEMM
05. John Dahlbäck - Passion In Her Eyes [Affected]
buy: GEMM
06. Rivera Rotation - Sunrise & Rainbow [Lounge]
buy: GEMM
07. Trentemøller - Late Night Cab Driving [White]
buy: GEMM
08. Oliver Hacke - 6:04 [Trapez]
buy: GEMM
09. Igor O. Vlasov - Sandy Cove [Mixomat Recordings 004]
download: Mixomat Recordings
10. Igor O. Vlasov - Somewhere [Mixomat Recordings 004]
download: Mixomat Recordings
11. We Stand In Crowds - We Owe You [NYC]
buy: GEMM
12. Hundarna Från Söder - Regn [240 Volts]
buy: GEMM
13. Salz - Blue Mountain [Salz]
buy: GEMM
14. Gabriel Ananda - Kaspar [Tonsport]
buy: GEMM


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