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26 Jan 06

#15 'Keeping My Mind' by James Bucknell

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Mixed by

James Bucknell

Location: Sydney, Australia

Always: surfing in the morning, recording in the afternoon and philosophizing in the evening


Full profile

Probably one of the best mixes ever presented on this site's guest mix section.

James Bucknell delivers a set of old and new gems with a great flow. I bumped into his sets on discogs and I was instantly hooked - be sure to check out his site for more goodies like this one, amazing stuff. Listening to this mix has put the faith back in me regarding DR callling it quits, I don't think we're going anywhere.

In his own words

Brief dj bio

  • Started dancing in 1982 at gay clubs in sydney
  • I was instantly smitten with house in 1987
  • Moved to new york in 1992
  • Djed in new york 1992-2002.
  • Moved to sydney in 2002 where i dj as part of the paradise lost crew.

The mix

Dancing has always been more important to me than djing and the tracks i play are just the ones i like to dance to. The fun and passion I had dancing to early house in the 80s has never left me and I spend my time trying to light such fires in others - by playing music from the 70s and 80s from New York, Chicago and Detroit.There's so much brilliant music from that period that is unknown to so many.

I wanted to make a house mix that included the Black Rascals 'Keeping my mind,' which i consider one of the great deep house tunes. Nothing else was planned. I just smoked a doobie and put on the first record that took my fancy.


01. Strikers - Body music - Prelude, 1981
buy: GEMM
02. Terry Baldwin - Groovin - Future sound, 1991
buy: GEMM
03. Black Rascals (Blaze) - Keeping my mind - Sumo, 1993
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04. Barbara Mason - Another man - West end, 1983
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05. Toney Lee - Reach up - Stamina, 1986
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06. Mr Fingers - Stars - Alleviated, 1988
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07. Peter Panic - A black man and a black man - Bumble beats, 1992
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08. Taster's Choice (Ron Trent) - Instant coco - Prescription, 1997
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09. Colonel Abrams - Music is the answer - Streetwise, 1984
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10. Jomanda - I'll give it to you - Quark, 1987
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11. Instant Exposure - Wanna be with you - Emotive, 1992
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12. Theo Parrish - Lost Keys - Music is..., 1997
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13. Larry Heard - Guidance - Guidance, 1997
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14. The Untouchables (Kenny Gonzales) - The swing doctor - Strictly Rhythm, 1991
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15. virgo Four - Do you know who you are - trax, 1989
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