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28 Jan 07

#19 'Rift Zones' by kompressorkanonen

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Location: Oslo, Norway

Unadulterated underachiever. I dance to disco and I don't like rock.

Collecting is creepy. Record collectors put each other down for their various fixations. Everybody is convinced that his way of collecting is superior. They look down on casual collectors, who are just accumulators - the kind who'll just pick up anything and let it pile up. - Robert Crumb


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The basic theme: melancholic, moody music.

Here's a mix that simply blew me away when I first heard it. It has all the right ingredients, smooth flow with ubelieveable tracks. Kompressorkanonen posted it to the discogs board (original thread is here), where he acts as a very active contributor mind you, but since he had no permanent hosting for it, I asked him if I could publish the mix on DR. This mix needs to be heard as many people as possible, it's just that simple. Deep dance music just doesn't get any better than this and combined with all the love and care Ørjan put into crafting this it's hardly surprising that some call it a “masterpiece”. In his own words:


  • Music nut/raver/record collector/bedroom DJ
  • most of my collection is actually techno and ambient sounds, but I have a soft spot for deepness as well
  • Motto: "Raving is a way of life. In fact, I'm raving right now. I'm going to bed soon and I'm gonna rave there too." (- Max Duley - quoted from memory).

The mix:

Conceived in terms of mood, not a specific genre - so there's both early 90's deep house here as well as more techno-influenced sounds such as Orlando Voorn and Maarten van der Vleuten ("Living in a Fantasy" was THE retro-discovery for me last year). The basic theme: melancholic, moody music that moves me - with a few diversions thrown in. I suppose my love of techno shines through quite a bit (it usually does with me). Hope you like it!


00:00 Integrity - Living in a Fantasy
04:55 Mark Ambrose - Drunken Manoeuvres
08:26 Casey Tucker - Habit of Awareness
10:57 Justin David - Starpoint
16:00 LHAS - LHAS Pt. 1
20:08 Chris Gray - Jazmah
23:55 Voices - Give Me Your Body
27:41 Format - Deep Sleep
32:29 The Love Men - Zum Zum
37:36 Aubrey - Rift Zone
40:57 Chris Brann - Studies In Form Two
44:10 Space Cube - Dolphins
49:58 CVO - Party Time
53:06 Caucasian Boy - Gone Clear
55:38 Infra-Red - Falling From The Light
58:24 Jamie Read/Insync vs Mysteron - Flyin' High*
61:55 Scott Sellars - Schematics
66:04 Shazz - Lost Illusions
71:21 Maarten van der Vleuten - TZ2
75:27 END

(*credited to Joe Louis who stole their tracks, that c*nt!)


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