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13 Jun 07

#20 'After Season' by Finn


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And we're back with another fine guest mix - this time by Finn Johannsen, familiar to those who frequently visit discogs and it's board. I asked Finn for a mix and what a treat he provided us with! It's not house - just great, great music, perfect for the summer, brings back a lot of memories.

In his own words: "What led me to record 'After Season' was actually the old-fashioned desire to give something personal to my loved one on a lazy weekend when we both again forgot about the day we came together. We both didn't really mind forgetting about it, as it had happened more often than not for some reason, but still we were getting a bit sentimental over the time we spent together and all we could share. I guess we all made tapes for our loved ones at some point for lack of better words and I felt this was a perfect occasion to revive that.

Other than that I was getting a bit irritated by the recent flood of 'balearic' sets, many of which seemed more intent of displaying obscure beautiful mellow music than what was really played there from the late 80's on. Being involved with club music back then meant you were automatically exposed to this style even if I was never really intentionally looking out for downtempo records. Still, I had some personal favourites then which I regularly revisited, so I wanted to assemble some classics of the deeper variety that always moved me, ranging from melancholia to bliss, with an admittedly large does of strings. Some of these, like Chris Rea and Electribe 101, are confirmed balearic classics, others like Marshall Jefferson's mix of Dusty Springfield or Plaid's take on Deee-Lite may not be so obvious and again others like the remix of Salt 'n' Pepa are just included because I have this opinion that the production talents of Blacksmith should never ever vanish from sight. You may, however, just take it for what I hope it would turn out to be, a pleasant set of fine tunes."


Dusty Springfield - Nothing Has Been Proved (Instrumental)
Massive Attack - Safe From Harm (Instrumental)
The Beauty Room - Don't You Know
Deee-Lite - Try Me On (Plaid Remix)
Reborn - Right To Be (Rocker HiFi Remix)
Innocence - Senza Voce
The Family Stand - Ghetto Heaven (The Remix)
Soul Family Sensation - I Don't Even Know If I Should Call You Baby (Symphony)
Quartz - It's Too Late (Overnight Mix)
Electribe 101 - Talking With Myself (Next Big Thing Mix)
Swing Out Sister - Notgonnachange (Mix Of Drama)
Chris Rea - Josephine (La Version Francaise)
Salt 'N' Pepa - Expression (Brixton Dub Mix)
The Wiseguys - The Real Vibes
Dream Warriors & Gang Starr - I Lost My Ignorance (Tim Bran Remix)
Shanice - I Love Your Smile (Driza Bone Dub Remix)


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