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22 Oct 01

#2 'Of spirit, from Chaos' by Roxnadz


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Location: Hayward, CA, USA

Roxnadz (real name Malcolm Moore) started off as an avid house music listener in 1987. When he isn't DJing, he is focusing his efforts on his fledgling deep house record label, Altered Moods Recordings.

Web:Altered Moods Recs.



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In r0xNadZ's words: "The world has quickly become an ugly place in the last few months. I submit this mix as a means of perhaps taking a little over an hour or so to sit back and think about why we are where we are and, more importantly, how to start actually putting the pieces back together to restore some sense of faith and normalcy in our lives."


00:00 house of 909 - raining souls - the children we were - pagan
04.41 utterance - grant me utterance (darand land's deep pain dub)
- grant me utterance - deep4life
10.42 theo parrish/trent mitchell - violet green -
sons of osiris/violet green - sound signature
17.33 moonchildren - silent crying - moonchildren - deep4life
22.21 soul capsule - law of grace - law of grace - aspect music
26.12 dj cee rule - a revolution - deep structures ep - bumpin' city
31.18 cassidy feat. staci - isabella sunshine (dave warrin redub)
- isabella sunshine - esho
36.46 kerri chandler - digital love affair - digital soul session 1
- large
41.34 seafoam - downtime - mile high ep - guidance
47.43 the rurals - mission 1 - sweeter sounds - peng
52.48 projekt:pm - all nite jazz - da ssm filez ep - crucial
57.22 pete moss - break free - deep desires ep - large
62.39 chris gray - high above - trippy fingers - track mode
66.27 hanna - isabella - the bella ep - track mode


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