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23 Aug 09

#35 'Do Right' by Chris Gray


Mixed by

Chris Gray

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Music that heals the soul and fills the heart

That's how Chris Gray has described the agenda for his legendary Deep4Life label, the home of Chris himself, Darand Land, Moonchildren and many others. This label, and Chris' productions, have shaped and continue to shape the landscape of deep house.

The man's responsible for countless deep house classics, and it's a real honour and a great pleasure to offer a mix from him and Walter Chiu to you, our listeners. "Tranquil Solutions EP" was the first piece of vinyl by Chris that I bought. While skipping through a new batch of records received in the mail that one ep instantly made a huge impression. What was this!?

The slighty melancholic melodies, dreamy layers of synths and intelligently programmed rhythms just made me drop my guard and I just let the sound wash over me. Yes, as corny it may sound, but that's how it felt. The ep seemed to be in odd company among the stacks of Basement Boys that filled up the rest of the order, but at the same time, it was like the missing link that I'd been searching for. This all took a while for me to digest.

Chris' work has been a huge inspiration for me personally, as you can easily spot by seeing how there are Deep4Life records in the very first to the more recent DR mixes. Those sounds on Deep4life have shaped up how the mixes came together over the years.

Check out his sites for full discographies and gorgeus free mixes. Chrisgraydeep and Deep4Life

Chris' thoughts about the mix

Do Right sleeve "Chris Gray is just another Chicago guy who loves what we feel. He cherishes his warm and wacky friendship with Walter Chiu of

It's the reason why he agreed to let him pick the records for this summery 2009 mix, "Do Right". 108 minutes of cloud jumping deepness is begging to be a part of your exquisite musical repertoire.

Just as we did with Deep4Life, get ready to sit back, relax and let your heart and mind calibrate with what is true."


Enjoy and don't forget to spread the love and leave feedback.


mixed and edited fri 8/21/09
record selection by walter chiu

[00:00] noir chez emploi - "negré au cheuvre theme" - crosstalk
[01:07] jovonn - "rush"(moov inn ep) - nextmoov traxx
[06:57] jill scott - "whatever" (night vocal) - restricted access
[13:17] leela - "my joy" - restricted access
[19:17] karizma - "kaytonik ep" - husblemusic
[25:57] telépopmuzik - "love can damage your health" - objektivity
[33:37] soldiers of twilight - "believe" - serial
[41:07] steal vybe - "journey" - diaspora recordings
[46:47] lefunken f. tyrah - "do right" - eclectic entertainment
[54:27] dennis ferrer f. aaron pearson - "it's a beautiful life" - sfere
[61:37] a million sons - "misti blu"
[68:00] END


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