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1 Mar 02

#3 'I cry out to you' by DJ Nica


Mixed by

DJ Nica

Location: Hayward, CA, USA

Jose Lau a.k.a. DJ Nica is a California resident that has been experimenting with DJing and the sounds of house music since 1991. Coming from a musically gifted family Jose took great interest in deep house in 2001 when he was first introduced to it by his brother-in-law. This drove to him to create a site devoted to his appreciation for deep house and a place where you can hear some of his enticing mixes. Jose has done guest mixes for and has spun for a radio show on and at various bars and clubs locally.


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In DJ Nica's words: "Can't find the words to express how you feel? Let this mix help you generate some thought and inspiration. Say something and make a difference, don't hide it because tomorrow will be too late."


0:00 - Ona King - Premonition of lost love - La Casa Records
1:40 - Sean Deason - Allegory + Metaphor(Alton Miller rmx) - ITU
8:29 - USG - Odu Jazz - Distance
15:46 - Ron Trent - The answer - Prescription
23:44 - USG feat. Monica Elam - Life 4 Living - Prescription
31:44 - USG feat. Monica Elam - Ebony Angel - Clairaudience
39:56 - Norma Jean Bell - London fog - Pandamonium
43:46 - Norma Jean Bell - Dreams - Peacefrog
49:25 - Damaged Sole - In your eyes - Deep4Life
53:23 - Norma Jean Bell - Mystery - Peacefrog
58:02 - Laid - Night Shift - Fiji
63:25 - Boo Williams - Vanessa's Song - TM
68:17 - Dana Kelley - Thesis - Sugardish
74:10 - Mike Olson - SkyCity Girls - Night Lights
76:58 - Dana Kelley - Sirens - Sugardish

  • I remember this mix fondly! This was the first mix I downloaded from DR way back in the spring of 2003! I remember I was a freshman in colllege in Marietta, Ohio and I burned this to CD to have to listen to as I drove home to Pittsburgh. I remember the second to last track by Mike Olson hit me like a ton of bricks as I watched the sunset in the distance as I drove down the highway.

    8 years later, I'm still listening to this mix and enjoying it thoroughly.

  • LèTô ShaïTan

    Well I past the last hour to retrieve this mix in my archives because I want to listen to the beautiful introduction :)

    Thanks a lot ! 9 years after, this set always comfort my heart ....

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