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29 May 11

#48 'Deep Audio' by Rob Heenan


Mixed by

Rob Heenan

Location: Waterford, Ireland

Rob Heenan is from Waterford, (Ireland) and met with house music in the late 90's. Expect to hear all things deep whether its deep house / techno / disco.


Full profile

Ireland's very own Rob Heenan in the mix, expect to hear all things deep

When you dive into Rob's mix, you'll instantly notice this one's coming from someone qho has the soul, commitment and is purely motivated by the music he plays.

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In Rob's words

- A lot of respect to the artists in this mix who keep pushing that quality deep house sound. The records being released world wide is mind-blowing to say the least.

- I'm doing my best to try and keep up with the latest releases, also enjoy searching for the older stuff which I'm a big fan of.

- This mix is deep with a few techno, acid elements. A lot of my favourite artists & labels are featured in this mix.

- Enjoyed putting this mix together, make sure to play it loud while listening :)

- Rob


01. Aaron Carl :: Wallshaker [Sven's Garden Of Eden dub] :: MOM
02. Anton Zap :: I Get No Kick From Champagne :: Ethereal Sound
03. Lady Blacktronica :: The Shadows :: Kinda Soul
04. Move D :: Sur Un Bateau Avec Eric :: Uzuri
05. Slowhouse A1 :: Slowhouse 003
06. Jerzzey Boy :: Around '94 :: MLIU
07. Aaron Carl :: Wallshaker [Original] :: MOM
08. Joe Drive :: Vanguard :: Mathematics
09. Patrice Scott :: 3AM :: Sistrum
10. Miles Sagnia :: Can We Heal Them? :: Atmospheric Existance
11. DJ Joey Anderson :: Oval :: Strenght Music
12. Kai ''KCR'' Alce & Omar S :: Incognigro :: FXHE


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