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7 Feb 12

#53 'Stop, listen' by Trackwerker


Mixed by


Location: Sheffield, Britain (UK)

Scott is one half of the website, which has been running for about 7 years. By now, anyone into deep house should be aware of the website and has enjoyed the mixes.




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Something to wind down to from Sheffield

Heard of Yes? Thought so. These guys have a reputation of delivering quality mixes and are well respected all over.

I was very delighted when Scott, one half of the site, the other being Carl, accepted my request for a guest mix. And what he gave DR is a beautiful, laid-back and tranquil mix - of highest quality, which I'm sure you all agree. Timeless and soothing music, just the way we like it.

Keep up the good work lads!

About the mix

- Scott: "Hi my name is Scott and I'm one half of the website, which along with my mate Carl, we have been running for about 7 years. Hopefully some of you will already be aware of the website and enjoy our mixes."

- "I've been into house music in general since it exploded in the UK in 1988, and I have always tended to be more interested in the deeper side of house and techno. "

- "I'm now in my early 40s, and I have been DJ'ing since I was about 20, I played a few bars and clubs in my younger days, but I was never that bothered to be honest - I always much preferred to play at house parties with friends when things were winding down."

- "I'd like to thank Timo for asking me to do a mix, I've always respected deeprhythms, and I'm honoured to be asked to contribute to such an excellent site. I hope that people will enjoy the mix, which is a mixture of deep house and deep techno from number of artists that I always follow closely."


Anton Zap - 38 (Ethereal Sound)
Fred P - Come this far (Fred P Reshape) (Soul People Music)
Raiders of the lost ARP - On and On (Patrice Scott Sistrum Remix) (Curle Recordings)
Fred P - Somewhere (Soul People Music)
Joe Babylon - We Rise (Rick Wade's Angry Heat) (Roundabout Sounds)
Steven Tang - Over Easy (Altered Moods Recordings)
Scott Grooves - Detroit 808 (Panther Dub) (Natural Midi)
Carsten Jost - Chateau Jalousie (Dial)
Gerd - Palm Leaves (Mr Fingers Afropsychojungledub Mix) (Royal Oak)
Scuba (King Britt) - Untitled (White Label)


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