April 2, 2012 | Guest Mixes

#55 'Logical Abstract' by Brad P


Mixed by: Brad Peterson
Location: Edinburgh, UK (Scotland)

Mindblowing deep techno set from Brad Peterson.

Brad's first mix for deeprhythms dates back 10 years(!). There's a continuum from his 2nd mix & 3rd mixes to this wonderful creation that is "Logical Abstract."

Personally, Brad is one of my all time favorite dj's and producer - always leaning towards a more cinematic and moody approach, kind of like painting with sound I suppose. Simply beautiful.

In this mix, Brad mixes some of his own late night techno sounds with tracks from Los Hermanos, Solab, Kenny Larkin, Vince Watson, Brian Kage, Amir Alexander and others.


01. Third_Gen - Seeking Rainbows - Seeking Rainbows - TBA
02. Brian Kage - Bear Trax vol. 2 - Awaken from Hibernation - Beretta Red
03. Recondite - 002 - Yield - Plangent
04. Morphosis - In Loving Memory 4:4 - They Just don't care - Styrax
05. Brian Kage Bear Trax vol.2 - Migration Pattern - Beretta Red
06. Solab - Elko - Elko - 7th Sign
07. Third_Gen - Third_Gen - Earthquake - TBA
08. Amir Alexander - White Rhino EP - White Rhino - Bearatonerecordings
09. Kenny Larkin - Keys Strings and Tambourines - You Are Light - Planet E
10. Aroy Dee - The Planets - The Planets (Vince Watson Remix) - M>O>S> Recordings
11. Synthesis - Night Park - Love Story From Sanfranbol - Synthesis
12. Third_Gen - Realm of Ideas - TBA - TBA
13. Santiago Salazar - Smile now cry later - Smile now cry later - 7th Sign
14. Jules Wells - Into the D - THC - Logos
15. Miles Sagnia - Mialacidous - The Casual Structure - Atmospheric Existence

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Brad Peterson

Location: Edinburgh, UK (Scotland)
| Soundcloud

"I started experimenting with making tracks and buying dance music records in 92, after I was exposed to the midwest techno and house scenes which was unlike anything I ever heard and changed my life."

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