November 16, 2018 | Guest Mixes

#58 'Tinsley Towers' by Trackwerker


Mixed by: Trackwerker
Location: Sheffield, Britain (UK)
Trackwerk Soundcloud

Sheffield's Scott is back in the mix for DR. His previous one from 7 years back, "Stop, listen", is still getting a lot of play and for a good reason. Head over Trackwerker Soundcloud for more of the good stuff!

In Scott's words:

"Many thanks to Timo for asking me to do a mix for DeepRhythms. The mix is a selection of deep (to me) music - one for the headphones more than the dance floor.

Most of the tracks are newish - stuff that I've bought over the last few months but there a few older ones thrown in for good measure too. I hope people enjoy it!

Cheers /Scott"


Linkwood - Another Late Night (Firecracker)
Lawrence - Montreaux (Dial)
Miles Atmonspheric - Memories (Finale Sessions)
SCSI-9 - Midnight Red (200)
Route 8 - Come Home (Lobster Theremin)
Reedale Rise - Lithium (Spæcial Recordings‎)
Casey Tucker - BST (For Those That Knoe)
Kai Alce - Hi-Lee Teched Off (Real Soon)
Primary Perception - Distorted Information (Slow Life)
Mihail P - Permission to Dream (Verdant Recordings)
D Man - Untitled A1 (Workshop)
Jonno & Tommo - Dirty Nylons (Finale Sessions)
Hamatsuki - Unexplainable Inner Sadness (Sensu)
Scott Grooves - E2-E4 Reframed (Natural Midi)

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Location: Sheffield, Britain (UK)
Trackwerk | Soundcloud

Scott is one half of the website, which has been running for about 7 years. By now, anyone into deep house should be aware of the website and has enjoyed the mixes.

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