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10 Sep 01

#13 'Raining cats & dogs'

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Location: Helsinki, Finland

Timo Rotonen is the founder of deeprhythms. A DJ for over decade, always looking for unearthed gems to share.



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A miserable grey and rainy monday here in Helsinki. Today was also a stressful day at work so I needed to hear some relaxing sounds by the time I got back home. I had a mix planned out but I ditched it in favour of this improvised take. A bit off from the normal DR path - hope you enjoy it, though some transitions are really rough :) Tracks by Anthony Nicholson, Tripmeisters, The Rurals, Ambrosia etc.


Anthony Nicholson - Revolution (Miquifaye extended pass) [Nitegrooves 12"]
Addvibe - Feel so good tonite (TC guitar instrumental) [Disfunction 12"]
Solar House - Got to be you (Fresh & Low city blues rmx) [Large 12"]
Ambrosia - Believe in me (instrumental) [Shelter records 12"]
Bobby & Steve - Whenever you want me (Distant Music mix) [83 West records 12"]
Global Communication - The way/the deep [Statra comp 3 x 12"]
The Rurals - Dub eye [Viva 12"]
John Cutler prsnt. the Tripmeisters - African jive [Distant Music 12"]


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