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7 Jan 07

#44 'Shimmer'

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Location: Helsinki, Finland

Timo Rotonen is the founder of deeprhythms. A DJ for over decade, always looking for unearthed gems to share.



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It's been over a year since the last mix - and frankly, I almost gave up hope with house music. It seemed liked there were very few quality releases coming out and none of better ones really stood out either. But come the end of 2006 and everything moved forward again, namely the sound from Innervisions was creating a buzz and rightly so - Ame and the rest of the crew were creating something new and unique. And there I was, listening to the music called "house" once again and getting excited like a little kid.

A little about the mix itself. This is the future sound of house and I hope it will evolve into something even more daring taking influences from everywhere. And here at DR, house is a very loose term describing electronic music with soul, groove and intense rhythms. Maybe modern dance music would be a more appropriate term, but who cares anyways. Some of the highlights of this mix: Stefan Goldmann - what a simple but catchy hook, Lars Behrenroth remix - I can relate to that, Chateau Flight - pure genius.

I will try my best to make more mixes this year, I already selected the records for the next one. I have wowed to make a few guest mixes which I've promised a loooong time ago. Let's hope 2007 is a busy year at camp DR. Stay tuned as they say.


00:00 Diversity feat. Muema (rmx by Adam Cruz & Lars Behrenroth)
- We can do it (In the Mix) (Mixtape Sessions Dirty Dub)
- West End Tracks - 2006
buy: Gemm
06:17 Arken - Arken10 - Sonar Kollektiv - 2005
buy: Gemm
11:32 Stefan Goldmann - Sleepy Hollow - Innervisions - 2006
buy: Gemm
17:26 Heidi vs. Riton - Vejer - Get Physical Music - 2006
buy: Gemm
22:32 Brooks - Pre dub - Mantis - 2006
buy: Gemm
25:57 Warmdesk - Taurus rising (with bells) - Disco inc. - 2005
buy: Gemm
30:09 Phonique feat. Alexander East - 99 and half (i:cube remix)
- GU Music - 2005
buy: Gemm
35:00 Jesse Rose and Audiomontage - You May Think (audiomontage mix)
- Front Room Recordings - 2006
buy: Gemm
41:03 Innersoul - Pressure - Deeply Rooted House - 2006
buy: Gemm
45:14 Atjazz - For Real (version remix) - Innervisions - 2006
buy: Gemm
51:51 Chateau Flight - Baccula - Innervisions - 2006
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