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24 Aug 08

#48 'Music from a Lost City'


Mixed by


Location: Helsinki, Finland

Timo Rotonen is the founder of deeprhythms. A DJ for over decade, always looking for unearthed gems to share.



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First off, I'd like to send a big thank you to Henderick Mitchell for some of the music tips! His recommendations were the foundation for "Lost city". I submerged into an expanding network of very recent and unknown talent and discovered the most amazing tracks.

I honestly think "Lost city" is my best work so far. I did one take and the music clicked. But my mixing did not, so I thought I'd better do this one properly for once. As you can hear, this is a rehearsed mix.

I wanted to make a cinematic mix that would take you places, sounds corny but that is really what I had in mind. "Lost CIty" has a melancholic and moody storyline - with unpredictable twists thrown in hopefully. There's a good deal of variation and I tried my best to keep the mix dynamic rather than a medley of tracks.

Now, I'd really like to hear your opinion about this mix. I spent a considerable amount of time to make it just right, but now I'm a little unsure if I overdid it.

I really hope "Lost City" sparks some discussion. At least over the talent it showcases - I'm so happy I was able to discover the likes of The Oliverwho Factory (how on earth have I missed out on all their stuff for so long!? Extremely talented duo! ), Arto Mwambe (Henderick, I owe you big time), JuJu & Jordash, Vakula and the list goes on.

Now, go put on your headphones and let the music suck you into a city of sound...


00:00 Brothers' Vibe - Step into it (dub mix) - Mixx Records - 2008
07:39 AtJazz - Looking glass - Reincarnation - 2007
13:57 Arto Mwambe - Noh Ngamebo - Brontosaurus - 2007
19:01 The Oliverwho Factory - Rain 5th Wave - Madd Chaise Inc - 2003
22:55 Extraproduktionen - Subgreen(Arto Mwambe's Saap-Green mix) -
Brontosaurus - 2006
27:59 JuJu & Jordash - Time Slip - Real Soon - 2007
31:30 Mesuma - Left Then Up (Duplex remix) - Seventh Sign Recordings - 2007
37:52 The Oliverwho Factory - Come with Me - Madd Chaise Inc - 2008
41:29 Duoteque - Amacord (MYMY remix) - Boxer Recordings - 2006
44:13 Lowtec - Untitled (B2) - Workshop - 2006
48:19 Herb LF - Shake! - Farside - 2008
50:25 Quince - So Far - Music Man - 2007
58:25 Break SL - Witness - Philpot - 2008
62:43 Nekes - Waitin - Oslo - 2008
65:27 Vakula - Loop For my Friends - Uzuri - 2008
69:02 Russ Gabriel - Congarilla (Zwo! Tender Touch Mix) -
Thump Elektroniks - 2008
74:44 END

  • It's after 3 in the morning and I'm rocking this mix !!!!!!

  • Johnny

    Takes me back and forward to what is all good about deep house music. Love it.  Keep up the good work! You are really the only one on the webs doing this.

  • Johnny

    Btw, I've been listening to since 2002.

  • Djbillysomeluz

    dj billy rp  maravilha parabes

  • Derrick Mcdonald

    awsome,cant go to bed,,,,,

  • Seventy

    Nice bro

  • Toleranc

    juju% jordash-time slip,dats just about a deep house tune n the vakula tune im a fan thanks timo

  • Siyabonga Majola

    Quince- So far what awesome track luv it

  • Wandapender13

    Thanks for keeping me company  74:44 smiles

  • Yarshi

    amazing mix!! Juju & Jordash - Time Slip is awesome!!

  • Dirtycover

    like it!

  • Bonganimdhluli

    my firstym on tghe page and already a huge fan i love the mixes DJ's u rock guyz!!!

  • HOT!   Truly Deep!

  • Thiagogefe

    just AWESOME!!! thats it

  • Hey dude. Love deeprhythms and love this mix - big time. Played a few times now. Great for late nights.

  • Grahambe

    This mix is the bomb.  I've been spinning house for a long time and this boy right here got skills.

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