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20 Jan 12

Thelonious Funk's monthly report 12/11 - Albums of 2011 special


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For the final Monthly Report of 2011, I decided to do the first ever top 10 albums of the year. So as you can see this is an extended edition. So the same rules apply for this review as the tunes of the year. Albums that were released from December of 2010 to December of 2011 are qualified. S

o for the first part we have BNJMN's Plastic World LP featuring one of his tunes that made the top 20. Agne's Cavalier project makes the cut on Drumpoet Community.

Moomin's "The Story About You" LP is 2011's answer to John Roberts LP last year. New York duo Sepalcure has had a very impressive run of EPs. Their self title LP on Hotflush has capped off their amazing year.

Omar-S also makes the cut with his LP. On top of the tracks that were played on this album it also features one of the biggest tunes of the year "Here's Your Trance, Now Dance".

In the top 5 we have albums from Swedish duo Jonsson/Alter & Roman Flugel. Legowelt is one of the more intriguing releases of the year due to it being released for free on his website ( I did show in the 2nd hour of all music from this talented producer. Expect a proper vinyl release in the near future as well.

If you have been following the show, I'm sure you are aware of Conforce's productions. His Escapism LP just confirms how brilliant of a talent he is.

The album of year it is likely the one that most may have missed in various reviews. DJ Qu has been a symbol of gritty deepness that you must have. Most of this LP has been played throughout the year on the weekly & monthly shows. It even includes the classic "Mixing Room" track. I remembered playing it 2 years ago. Well done Mr Quezada!

As for other LPs here are some other LPs certainly worth mentioning:

  • BNJMN "Black Square"(Rush Hour)
  • Afrikan Sciences "Means & Ways"(Deep Blak)
  • Machinedrum "Room(s)"(Planet Mu)
  • Rick Wilhite "Analog Aquarium"(Still Music)
  • STL "Flying Objects"(Something)
  • DRC Music "Kinshasa One Two"(Warp)
  • Shlohmo "Bad Vibes"(Friends Of Friends)
  • Morphosis "What Have We Learned"(Delsin/M>O>S)
  • Skudge "Phantom" (Skudge Records)
  • Robag Wruhme "Thora Vukk" (Pampa Records)
  • Cosmin TRG "Simulat"(50 Weapons)
  • Andy Stott "We Stay Together" (Modern Love)
  • Andy Stott "Passed Me By" (Modern Love)
  • Martyn "Ghost People" (Brainfeeder)

On that note this concludes our reviews of a great 2011 & on to 2012 shall we?

Enjoy the music,

Henderick AKA Thelonious Funk


1st Hour
10. BNJMN "Plastic World" (Rush Hour) 03.11.11 cd8
- "Blocks"
- "Wheels In Motion"
- "Tunnel Flight"
9. Cavalier "A Million Horses" (Drumpoet Community) 08.17.11 cd4
- "Napoletano"
- "Kaimanawa"
- "Franches Montagnes"
8. Moomin "The Story About You" (Smallville) 10.21.11 cd5
- "You"
- "Raw Like 97"
- "I Wanna"
7. Sepalcure "Sepalcure" (Hotflush) 11.04.11 cd9
- "Eternally Yrs"
- "See Me Feel Me"
- "Hold On"
6. Omar-S "It Can Be Done But Only I Can Do It" (FXHE) 08.06.11 cd2
-"It Can Be Done But Only I Can Do It"
- "Skynet 2 B"
- "Bobien Larkin"

2nd Hour
5. Jonsson/Alter "Mod" (Kontra Musik) 10.16.11 cd9
- "Acapellan"
- "Dvarg" (10.12.11 cd5)
- "Djup House"
4. Roman Flugel "Fatty Folders" (Dial) 08.27.11 cd6
- "Song With Blue"
- "Bahia Blues Bootcamp" (05.29.11 cd3)
- "Rude Awakening"
3. Legowelt "Teac Life" (Legowelt Exclusive) 10.05.11 cd10 & 10.05.11 cd9
- "Beyond ur Self"(10.05.11 cd10)
- "Half Moon 106" (10.05.11 cd9)
- "Moonmist"(10.05.11 cd10)
2. Conforce "Escapism" (Delsin) 10.21.11 cd3
- "Shadows Of The Invisible"
- "Within"
- "Ominous"
1. DJ Qu "Gymnastics" (Strength Music) 06.10.11 cd3
- "Sliding Thru"
- "Thrilla"
- "Juicyfruit"