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23 Jan 13

Thelonious Funk's Monthly Report 12/12 - Albums of 2012

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For this monthly, I want to focus on the long players of 2012. It was quite a year for albums & it was just as difficult in selecting tracks.

The rules are the same for the albums as they are for the tunes of the year. If I they were released or received to me as a promo between December 1st of 2011 to December of this year it will qualify.

So before I go into the top 10, I would like to mention other albums that could have made the list:

  • Austin Cesear "Cruise Forever"(Public Information)
  • Barker & Baumecker "Transsektoral"(Osgut Ton)
  • Robert Hood "Motor: Nighttime World 3"(Music Man)
  • Nhk'koyxen "Dance Classics Vol.II"(PAN)
  • Bass Clef "Reeling Skullways"(Punch Drunk)
  • Luke Hess "Keep On"(FXHE)
  • Christian Loffler "A Forest"(Ki Records)
  • Vedomir "Vedomir"(Dekmantel)
  • Edward "Teupitz"(WHITE Music)
  • Lone "Galaxy Gardens"(R&S)

So lets talk about who made the cut. The first 2 albums are producers from the Big Apple. The first coming from Madteo. The man has had a very demanding year between his releases on Joy Orbison Hinge Finger label, a nice remix Ep that feature a big Marcellus Pittman rerub & a mini album on Trilogy Tapes (TTTree Low G. Tapes: Mad Dip Revue). I seriously feel that the release on Trilogy Tapes was somewhat of a prelude as to what to expect from Madteo's album on Sahko.

It was a complicated listen for me initially but it grew on me significantly. This album certianly caps off what was a defining year for Madteo.

The other NY producer was an artist that I have never heard of until I received a promo from the Project Mooncircle Camp right before I was just about ready to finish my list. KRTS' "The Dread Of An Unknown Evil" is clearly a labor of love with the help of vocals from his talent family members (mom & brother), telling stories of everyday struggles & lost loves. I know it may be somewhat sacrilegious to say but it has some elements to Burial but with actual guest vocals instead of samples. KRTS is certainly one to watch in the future.

I was first introduced to Belgian producer Djorvin Clain when from a split ep that featured STL (more on him in a moment) on Canadian label Silent Season. I was impressed with the tracks by him on the EP. I found out that these tracks would be on his Pattern Of Thought album. It certainly got my attention. It was a amazing combination of beautiful ambient music mixed with some midtempo tough thumping kick drum that Theo Parrish would be proud of.

It is a organic combination of nature meets the dancefloor. Something that I felt was lacking with another highly rated album. Be on the looking for a Next Gen mix from this talented artist in the New Year.

Isreali duo Juju & Jordash's highly anticipated album certainly lived up to the hype for sure. Techno Primitivism is certainly not just one of the highlights of the year for me but for many critics in the industry.

Benjamin Brunn's collaboration with Move D on Sounds From the Beehive was consider one of the albums of the past decade in electronic music. This year Benjamin was consisted of 2 albums. One was his most recent is A Sun Life on Third Ear. The other was quite possibly the most innovative album I have seen in a while. His Colour Tracks Album (released in April) was a vinyl only album that feature various genres of music based on color. So for example the 1st track I played would be a Minimal track on the light blue section of the vinyl. The next would be Acid track on the green section of the vinyl while the 3rd track would be the Techno track in yellow section. Multi colored vinyl people. Very limited & represses are sure to come. This is a vinyl lover's dream.

In the top 5 Stephan Laubner AKA STL wows me with some of his best work yet with his Secret Weapons LP. You have already heard one of the track on the Year End Review (Thrill Trumpet). It certainly has slipped under the radar from some music critics but I am sure that if people were seriously aware of this late November release I am sure they would give it the love that it truly deserves.

Be sure to especially check out Wild Thing on the show. It could easily be in the final installment of the Year End Review for Tune Of The Year. Dwight's 3rd & final installment of his Tenement Yard Trilogy makes it on the list. It certainly hit hard on the dancefloor with unique since of humor. Other tunes worth checking out was a tune feat a sample of the Soul Glo theme song intro on "London Gods" & a guy spazzing out on "Be Nice".

Jacob Korn debut album featuring plenty of collaborations with some of his Uncanny Valley crew & Raoul K makes the top 3. Jacob has been creating some serious waves since 2010. His album wa bound to be a success. Two tracks were already featured in the year end review (Heteromonous/You & Me). I'm sure there is more to come from this talented artist from Dresden...

One artist that was on everyone one's lips was Darrell Cunningham AKA Actress. His R.I.P. was an album that featured a contest between various music editor to see how they can develop come up with enough superlatives to describe the genius of Actress. You can tell by the names of the tracks that he was thinking about life, death & spirituality. Something that a lot of people are thinking about with the way things are going in this world. R.I.P. was my album of the year that certianly was anticipated for the past 2 years. However I did not expect to run into another album that was 12 years in the making by a man Mr. Cunningham was influenced by...

As stated Terrence Dixon's sequel to the 2000 classic From Far Future sucker punched me when I got word that he was not just releasing the sequel but exclusive tracks on multiple formats. I knew this was going to be something special considering this was going to be released on the legendary Tresor label. It lived up to anticipation & then some. It showed plenty of the sounds that influenced producers like Actress. I highly recommend you get the tracks from the CD, vinyl & even the Beatport digital exclusive track "State Of The City" to enjoy the fully listening experience.

There is no Messi if there was no Maradona, there is no Kobe Bryant if there was no Michael Jordan. The same applies to the genius of Terrence Dixon's influence on Actress. Terrence Dixon's From Far Future Vol. 2 is my album of 2012 full of brilliant ideas by new & legendary artists...

Enjoy The Music...

Henderick AKA Thelonious Funk


10. Madteo "Noi No"(Sahko)
-"Gory Glory"
-"Il Capoline"
-"Dead Drop"[When I Saw You That Nite]
9. KRTS "The Dread Of An Unknown Evil"(Project Mooncircle)
-"Your Eyes"(Feat. Stevee Wellons)
-"Close the Closet Door"
8. Djvorin Clain "Pattern Of Thought"(Silent Season)
-"Never Forget"
-"Structured Signature"
7. Juju & Jordash "Techno Primitivism"(Dekmantel)
-"Track David Would Play"
-"Loosey Goosey"
6. Benjamin Brunn "Colour Tracks"(Colour Tracks)
-"C3-lightblue" [Minimal]
-"H2-green" [Acid]

2nd Hour
5. STL "Secret Weapons"(Something)
-"Moon Patrol"
-"Wild Thing"
4. Altered Natives "Tenement Yard Vol 3"(Eye4Eye)
-"In My Heart Forever"[Stay Dead]
-"You Cut Me"[Out of My Life]
-"You Used To"
3. Jacob Korn "You & Me"
-"I Need You"(With Christopher Rau Feat. The Drifter)
-"Do Your Thing" (With Mr. Raoul K)
-"You & Me"(With Break Sl Feat. Tabitha Xavier)
2. Actress "R.I.P."(Honest Jons)
-"Marble Plexus"
-"Shadow From Tartarus"
-"The Lord's Graffiti"
1. Terrence Dixon "From The Far Future Part 2"(Tresor)
-"The Switch"
-"Band Together"
-"Vision Blurry"