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6 Jan 14

Thelonious Funk's monthly report 12/13 - Albums of 2013 special


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As you know the last monthly Report for December is dedicated to the albums of 2013. So before I go into the albums that made the cut, I want to mention the rules (which are pretty simple). The albums that qualify are albums that I have received (as a promo) or released from December 1st of last year to December 1st of this year. With that being said here are the ones that at least deserve honorable mention:

  • Innerspace Halflife "Wormhole Transmissions" (Syncrophone)
  • Grooveman Spot "Began To Notice" (Jazzy Sport)
  • Gold Panda "Half Of Where You Live" (Ghostly International)
  • Stellar OM Source "Joy One Mile" (RVNG Intl)
  • Omar-S "Thank You For Letting Me Be Myself" (FXHE)
  • Four Tet "Beautiful Rewind" (Text)
  • Djrum "Seven Lies" (2nd Drop)
  • KMFH aka Kyle Hall "The Boat Party" (Wild Oats)
  • Steven Tang "Disconnect To Connect" (Smallville)
  • Forest Swords "Engravings" (Tri Angle)

Now to the top 10 albums I have triple plays for the albums of Bonobo & Map.Ache. Maurice Fulton AKA Syclops' A Blink Of An Eye LP was the first the first album that grabbed my attention in 2013 & I still feel it has its rightful place in the top 10.

Huerco S is a name that may have caught the attention of a lot of critics in 2013. However if you have been following my shows you are surely aware of how highly talented I think he is back in the summer of 2012. His Colonial Patterns LP just confirms what I knew from his earlier releases on Wicked Bass & Opal Tapes.

John Robert's Glass Eights LP was one the highlights of 2010 & would have made my albums of the year had I did the special a year earlier. He makes the list with another brilliant album on Dial records.

For The Top 5 I have music from the amazing album of Leif on Fear Of Flying. If you like your deep house lush with some warm keys then this album is for you. Vakula's You've Never Been To Konotop LP makes the cut with some acid wizardry from the Russian producer. Laurel Halo makes the top 3 with some brilliant work from her Chance Of Rain LP on Hyperdub.

The runner up for Album Of Year goes to NY producer Patricia & the Cassette/ Digital album on Opal Tapes. No worries Vinyl heads, the album will get a vinyl release on the new vinyl only label Black Opal in 2014.

My album of 2013 goes to the very talented Prince OF Denmark. The album is all about 3am dance floor madness. So that is the top 10 Albums of 2013 for you. 2014 looks very interesting with forthcoming albums by Joey Anderson, Actress, STL, Moodymann & even another album for this years winner under his Traumprinz alias... Will these albums show up on next year's show? Well we will find out in 12 months time... Until then...

Enjoy The Music,

Henderick AKA Thelonious Funk


10. Bonobo "The North Borders"(Ninja Tune)
- "Heaven For The Sinner" feat. Erykah Badu
- "Jet"
- "Cirrus"
9. Map.Ache "Ulfo"(Kann)
- "Restless Relax"
- "Big City Obsession"
- "Presents DJ Mapi"
8. Syclops "A Blink Of An Eye"(Running Back)
- "Unmatched"
- "Sarah's E With Extra P"
- "5 In"
7. Huerco S "Colonial Patterns"(Software Records)
- "Prinzif"
- "Ragtime U.S.A." (Warning)
- "Skug Commune"
6. John Roberts "Fences"(Dial) 04.16.13 cd4
- "Plaster"
- "Palace"
- "Fences"
5. Leif "Dinas Oleu"(Fear Of Flying)
- "Dinas Oleu"
- "Koku"
- "Fortune"
4. VAKULA "YOU'VE NEVER BEEN TO KONOTOP"(Firecracker) 06.25.13 cd3
- "We Have Soul"
- "You've Never Been To Konotop"
- "Was"
3. Laurel Halo "Chance Of Rain"(Hyperdub) 08.12.13 cd7
- "Serendip"
- "Ainnome"
- "Chance of Rain"
2. Patricia "Body Issue"(Opal Tapes/Black Opal) 08.01.13 cd2
- "Waiting For Alexis"
- "Josephine"
- "Plural"
1. Prince Of Denmark "The Body"(Forum) 08.06.13 cd6
- "Cut 02"
- "(In The End) The Ghost Ran Out Of Memory"
- "Cut Untitled Cut"