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1 Apr 12

Thelonious Funk's monthly report 2/12


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Thelonious Funk

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For the late monthly report of February, we have classic tunes from Max Mohr & Moodymann. New music from Dave DK, Mo Kolours, Andrés & Achterbahn D'Amour.

Gerd goes Chicago in his Geeeman guise on the Clone sublabel Jack For Daze while Chicago Skyway & Reggie Dokes continues the vibe.

Russian mystery man Gesloten Cirkel appears on the monthly show. I will try to get this guy on the show for a mix before he gets very busy.

Hotflush recording artist Locked Groove does a nice remix on Renaissance Man's Remix album on Turbo Recordings.

And more music from the solid album from Edward.

Lastly I wanted you guys to be sure to not only check out the Hotflush mix on the weekly show but the nice set of live sets on .

You will find solid DJs like DJ Spence (did a guest mix my weekly show), Cozmo & the head man Thales Pereira...

Be sure to check out their Underground House music page on facebook for details on upcoming shows. You might be able to check me out as a guest DJ on one of their shows...

Enjoy The Music,

Henderick AKA Thelonious Funk


1. Max Mohr "Old Song"(Playhouse)
2. Dave DK "Byway"(Mood Music)
3. Hakimonu "Cadence 10 - Move"(Hakimonu)
4. Moodymann "J.A.N."(KDJ)
5. Mo Kolours "Mini Culcha"[Beautiful Swimmers Remix](One Handed CDR)
6. Andrés "New For U"(La Vida Records)
7. Achterbahn D'Amour "JX2"(Frank Music)
8. Geeeman "Bang't"(Clone Jack For Daze)
9. Murat Tepeli "Ciftetelli"(Philpot)
10. Leonel Castillo "Street Dancer"(Oslo)
11. Gesloten Cirkel "Swedish Woman"(Murder Capital)
12. Reggie Dokes "Child Of The Sun"(Cinematic Recordings)
13. Chicago Skyway "Air"[95 Version](Eargasmic Recordings)
14. Renaissance Man "Stalker Humanoid"[Locked Groove's Lost In The Jungle Remix](Turbo Recordings)
15. Edward "Lights Off"(White Music)