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26 May 10

Thelonious Funk's monthly report 5/10


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Thelonious Funk

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I wanted to get a show in before I head off to Detroit for the Electronic Music Festival (DEMF). Since the month is almost over I wanted to get a new monthly report out.

The report features a Larry Heard inspired remix of Kenton Slash Demon by Bodycode.

Got some South Africa deepness from Blaq Soul, Soul Villian, Aero Manyelo & Mushroom Boyz. Speaking of Mushroom Boyz the Naheg ep is available exclusively on Afrodesia.

This release will be followed by Imaani Brown's Soul Cypher EP you can hear it here.

ProgCity Deep Records has two releases on the show as well.

Enjoy the music,

- Henderick aka Thelonious Funk


1. Kenton Slash Demon "Sun"[Bodycode Remix](Tartelet PROMO)
2. Blaq Soul "Ma Amwenye"[Original African Tribal Mix](Blaq Soul Music)
3. Soul Villian "Soul Seekers"[Yous'souih's Spiritual Session Main Mix](CDR)
4. Imaani Brown "Soul Cypher"(Smooth Agent PROMO)
5. Dollkraut "Precious Fool"[Scott Remix](Doppelschall)
6. Aybee "Underworld"(Underground Quality)
7. Alton Miller "Can't Hide It"[Tony Lionni Remix](ProgCityDeep PROMO)
8. Mike Maze "The Path"[Imugem Orihasam Remix](ProgCityDeep PROMO)
9. Audision "Beta Range"[Smallpeople Paradise Mix](&nd)
10. Aero Manyelo "I Hate Sundays"(Herbal 3 CDR)
11. Jacob Korn "Mirrorflip" (Dolly)
12. Mushroom Boyz "Mokete Naheng"(Smooth Agent)