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27 May 12

Thelonious Funk's Monthly Report 5/12


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Thelonious Funk

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For your monthly report of May, I have new music from Vakula under his Vedomir guise. Certainly another album that is a highlight of 2012.

Another day another brilliant track from Ike Release... Need I say more? Same thing goes for Lando Kal...

I have some solo work from both members of Arto Mwambe. First is Phillip Lauer with a nice track from his Phillips LP on Running Back. This is followed by Christian Beisswenger under his Citizen's Band alias with a lovely track from his Broken Rome EP...

More big tunes from Kevin McPhee, Red Rack'em, Kowton & Nautiluss... Certainly a nice mix worth checking out...


Henderick AKA Thelonious Funk


1. Vedomir "Scream Kind Of Morning"(Dekmantel)
2. Ike Release "Puntigam"(Episodes)
3. Marcellus Pittman "A"[T.O.M. Project Remix](Unirhythms)
4. Lando Kal "No Newjack"(Stillcold Records)
5. Glenn Jackson "Fell" (West In Dust)
6. Trackman Lafonte & Bon Qui Qui "The Feeling, The Force"(Creme Organization)
7. Lauer "Coppers"(Running Back)
8. The Citizen's Band "Densed"(Live At Robert Johnson)
9. Kim Brown "Camera Moves"(Just Another Beat)
10. Kevin McPhee "Hang My Head"(Hypercolour)
11. The M.E.B. "Il Principal"[Chicago Damn Remix](Let's Play House)
12. Red Rack'em "How I Program"(Bergerac)
13. Kowton "Never Liked Dancing"(Idle Hands)
14. Mistakes Are OK "Koala"[BMJMN Remix 2](Hivern Discs)
15. The Traveller "Bypass"(Osgut Ton)
16. Nautillus "Sabbath"(Turbo Recordings)