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Deeprhythms #31 - 'Cirrus' - by Timo on the 13.11.02

Posted by Timo 
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Mixed by Timo. So winter arrived early this year, Helsinki is covered with snow and it's getting chilly. Picked out some records last nite and dreamt about summer, only 8 months to go... *sigh*. Not a mixing skills showcase - let the music do the talking. Laid back and dreamy, gets techier towards the end.

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00:00 - Herbert - Deeper - Phono album track - 1996
06:42 - John Arnold - We're not (Ayro rmx) - Ubiquity 12" -2002
11:58 - Losoul - Warriors (Beat your bottle) - Playhouse 12"- 2002
w/ M.A.S. Collective - Release your mind accapella - Slip'n Slide 12" - 2000
17:11 - Kaskade - Lost Groove - Moezee 12" - 2002
24:11 - Rhythm Plate - Don't care about you - Mantis comp. 12" - 2001
30:00 - Phil Asher - The bass don't stop - Nepenta 12" - 2002
35:56 - Atlantic Fusion - Sanctuary - Classic 12" - 2002
40:40 - DJ Profile - Surreal Picnic - DIY comp. 12" - 2002
45:20 - Focus - Spaceship Rocket - Versatile 12" - 2002
49:05 - Nubian Mindz - Can't wait - Neroli comp. 12" - 2002
53:59 - John Tejada w/ Divine Styler - Polarity - Palette 12" - 1998
60:20 - Herbert - See you on monday - Phono album track - 1996
w/ Deepah Ones - Dancing accapella - Basement Boys 12" - 2000
68:13 END
Of course that John Tejada track wouldn't ever be on there. I think the label made like 4 records total.
Rox - actually, Palette has lots of releases out:
Palette releases at GT

The ep in question is called "The Walk", catalogue number PAL005
DR #5 has another track from it called 'Soul driven' - great tracks, that ep is must. Try searching for it at:
Must say solid mix from Timo in a while....ultra-deep

Not sure how old "notes by distance" by John Tejada is but the song also rocks..

keep it up Timo and David....

Bootleg Productions- South Africa
Hi !!!!!!!! From Greece very very felicitations about your site , i believe the best on deep house !!!!!!! Take a look on track name 40.40 nail ............., i think isn't the right artist -- and-- name !!! on tracklist betoni 40 the next track from sunday brunch-my world is the same with the nail -It's a fine world !!! whitch is the right ???
It's definitely not Sunday Brunch, I can tell you that much.

Kostas - click on the link and it will take you to the ep where that Nail track is from. It's Nail, no doubt about it.
hi timo!you are very special dj-i have a question for you:do you know angels of love(italia naples)?the party is every saturday and........we dance in the night!i want deep haouse to my party,only deep house and you must come here to live set!!!ok?????exuse for my english-bye;-)
Timo-nice. It was a wonderful Sunday today and your mix played a part in it!
Francesco - if you're offering to book me for a gig, sure, hit my mail so we can work out the details timo@deeprhythms.com

Brad- glad you liked it, the mixing is sloppy but I don't give a toss! :)
I like your style !! great tracks !! keep it UP timo !!
see ya, Midas
Thanks Timo and thanks again DeepRhythms.com. This spot has been my oasis since I found the site starting with #29.

A few comments. The "Release Your Mind" accapella is not my favorite. Too much screeching for my taste. My favorite though is the next track, "Lost Groove." Retro/almost electro bassline and beautiful vocal harmonies. The lead singer has a nice falsetto which he touches on at opportune times. The four note bass line on "The Bass Don't Stop" is too repetative. So much potential and such nice piano playing for such a simple bass line. "Sanctuary" is perfect for late night listening, which is normally when I listen to DeepRhythms mixes. Usually between midnight and 2 AM while I'm laying in bed before sleep. "Spaceship Rocket" is a good example that deep house can be experimental and doesn't always have to have a four on the floor kick drum. Nice selection as it runs into the ambient sounding "Can't Wait." Love those short organ hits on "See You on Monday." Another element I love in deep house.

So thanks once again!
Beautiful mix !! Great track selection!

I am impressed!!!!! This is a good solid deep mix. WHY CANT I HEAR THIS AT A CLUB SOMEWHERE DAMN IT!!!!!
I am thurstin' for some good stuff out here in Maryland like that.

Timo....you are amongst the best I know. Between you and RoxNadz, you all keep the "real" SH*T alive.


Soul Brother Number One
Kostas - actually, you're correct! The Nail track actually is Surreal Picnic by DJ Profile (another Charles Webster alias, folks) - the labels on my vinyl are on the wrong sides, A on B side and vice versa but the engravins in the vinyl revelead the truth.

So, my apologies ;)

Greetings from South America!!!
Timo: Great mix!!! Nice tunes, "laid back" as stated!

timo-It's a dream!my dream-and I hope in you for realize it!!bye super Timo-
Timo....... I'll defenitely become your new customer...how do we secure good deals??? Please I need this stuff. Check John Tejada-Polarity..... and the others they RAWK!

timo we need to talk about this deep thing going on, seriously thanx!!!
Re: Deeprhythms #31 - 'Cirrus' - by Timo on the 13.11.02
September 01, 2004 09:44AM
why can't i download the cirrus mix, only about two tracks doenload to my machine....any ideas?