Logic Pro or Logic Express?
June 02, 2005 03:15AM
I got hipped to GarageBand over the last couple of days and am *seriously* considering purchasing either Logic Pro or Logic Express. Right now, due to cost reasons, I'm leaning heavily toward Logic Express, is there anything I'm REALLY missing in LE that would justify getting LP? All of my current plugs are AU compatible, I just want to make sure I'm not missing anything really important.

Re: Logic Pro or Logic Express?
June 02, 2005 03:42AM
Here's a comparison chart:


A lot of good plugs Logic ships with are missing in Express and a bunh of other stuff as well, if you can live with that then it might save you money. Or buy an earlier version on Ebay and get the upgrade to 7.1 from Apple?


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Re: Logic Pro or Logic Express?
June 02, 2005 03:50AM
Also, Sonikmatter's Logic forums probably have a lot of topics discussing the Pro vs. Express thing


Re: Logic Pro or Logic Express?
June 02, 2005 04:05AM
Yeah, I have checked Apple's comparison chart and for the most part, the lack of included plugs is not a big deal for me since I already have a ton of 3rd party AU-compatible plugs.

I'm more concerned with:
- whether the AU plugs I have that are confirmed to work in LP7 will work in LE7
- amount of crippling on LE7 vs. LP7 for sends/inserts, buses and the like
- distributed audio processing - will I crush a computer enough to require external devices? I haven't so far
- what the difference is between simple and advanced controller assignments? I have a lot of flexibility in that regard with Cubase

I know that if I hit something that LE7 can't do that LP7 can, there's no difference in cost to upgrade ($700 from LE7 to LP7, thanks Apple, for that, at least.)

Thanks for the links.