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3 Oct 19

Gated Podcast 8 // Timo Deeprhythms



Mixed by


Location: Helsinki, Finland

Timo Rotonen is the founder of deeprhythms. A DJ for over decade, always looking for unearthed gems to share.



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This one's a guest mix for the amazing Gated Recs., cheers


Welcome to the eighth instalment from Gated.

This month we invited Timo Deeprhythms on for a guest mix and he's served up some top quality, high octane modern electro with some classics thrown in, so massive shoutout to Timo for supplying us with this.

You can find the Deeprhythms series of mixes here @deeprhythms and he also runs @echocentricrecords which concentrates on putting out dreamy & lush electronic music.

Talking of dreamy, we're stoked to announce Dopefist's Nice Dreams is now available for preorder via our Bandcamp (along with the rest of our back catalogue).

Truly beautiful arrangements on this one, don't miss out!


Deeprhythms mix tracklist:

1. Dinky's Tone - L-R (Asking For Trouble) @radioactiveman
2. Let's Rock - A Credible Eye Witness & Ghost Ride (ACEW) @subwax-bcn
3. Gingerino (Original Mix) - Rico Casazza (Cultivated Electronics) @ricocasazza @cultivated-electronics
4. Drive Shift - Assembler Code & Jensen Interceptor (Mechatronica) @assemblerc @jensen-interceptor @mechatronicamusic
5. Program a Beat (Instrumental) - Computor Rockers - (Breakin') @computorrockers @dmxkrew
6. Techno World (Extended Mix) - Go Nuclear (Electro Empire) @electro-empire @go-nuclear
7. Planeta Cero - Tainted Cell (Tainted Cell) @tainted-cell
8. Sibelle - Shedbug (1Ø PILLS MATE) @shedbug @10-pills-mate
9. Resynth (Original Mix) - Sync 24 (Cultivated Electronics) @cultivated-electronics
10. Sticky - Two Lone Swordsmen (Warp) @warp-records @twoloneswordsmen @radioactiveman @andrew-weatherall
11. Stryker Hydraulic Tension ft. Sam Cooper - GLM (Steeplejack) @pseudoglome @steeplejackrec
12. Reflex AI - SIM80 (Detroit Underground) @sim80 @detroitunderground
13. Systems (Sansibar Remix) - RAD (Pollination) @pollinationrecords @sunnysibar
14. Tension (Infiltrate remix) - Pakzad (Infiltrate) @justinpak
15. Reply All - Nite Fleit (Planet Euphorique) @nitefleit @planeteuphorique

Node's end bits:

16. Leif - Myrtus (Whities) @leifsounds @whities
17. Ochre - Brancaster Coast (Toytronic/Lapsus Records) @ochre @lapsus-records
18. Dopefist - Sea Salt (Gated) @gatedrecordings
19. **Gated Forthcoming**
20. Lost Souls of Saturn - Midnight Karma (R & S Records) @lostsoulsofsaturn
21. Tineidae - Four Suns (Billegal Beats) @tineidae @billegalbeats


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