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18 Nov 19

Hypnotic Groove Mix #283 - Deeprhythms



Mixed by


Location: Helsinki, Finland

Timo Rotonen is the founder of deeprhythms. A DJ for over decade, always looking for unearthed gems to share.



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Did a mix for Hypnotic Groove, thanks for the invite Andrea and Johnny! Really happy how this turned out, one of the mixes I'm most pleased with for sure.

"Mix #283 in our series comes from Echocentric Records head, Deeprhythms!

Timo had this to say about the mix.. "The older I get, the more I appreciate the more playful aspects and storytelling in music.

Getting connected with like-minded folks and to showcase lesser-known producers and labels - regarding all things musical that's the main source of motivation for me - so drop me a line. I try to avoid boxing Echocentric Recs or DR in a genre, a sound or a format so expect a few surprises (and great music made by people you may not have heard of yet).

With this set I'd like to evoke mixed & contrasting moods, it's best enjoyed with headphones on. Loads of looping & layering & live editing, the ingredients are in the playlist"


01. Italojohnson - B1 - ITJ12
02. Anunaku - Temples - Whities
03. Nuel - Sienna loop // Kramphaft - Meanwhile at the old Warehouse - 030303
04. Paul Blackford - Mirage - Phalanx pt.2
05. Escape Artist - Silicone Valium - Salt Mines 012
06. Fantastic Man - Native Power - Kitjen
07. DJ Life - Motherload - Neptune Discs
08. DJ Life - Mindreader - Echocentric Records
09. Senate - Forza Rays - G.C.R .// Nuel - Sienna loop
10. Sound Synthesis - Noisy Shouts of Joy - Nebulae Records
11. Keplrr - Translucence - Control Freak Recordings
12. Pye Corner Audio - Darktro - Analogical Force
13. Nacho M. Meyer - Planeta - 030303
14. 100hz - CaliVon - Dawn State
15. Kincaid - Bulfas - Futureboogie
16. Sam Goku - Swallows Flight - Atomnation
17. Qnete - Sand Progression - X-Kalay
18. Route 8 - It's Ok To Dance - This Is Our Time
19. Seltav - SPQR - Future Times
20. Audio Space - Groove Catcher - Dream Machine Records
21. Miles Atmospheric - Skyhealer - Firescope Records
22. Placid Angels - Breathe Her In - Magicwire
23, Mark Du Mosch - The Heavens - Something Happening Somewhere


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