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14 Mar 11

Thelonious Funk Sessions # 117 with guest mix by Sibonelo Zulu



sibonelo zuluFinally a new show for you to enjoy. This week's show kicks off with a nice triple play of James Blake featuring his "CMYK" track & tunes from his self titled album which has received rave reviews on various music websites.

Another tune is featured on this show from Jay Haze's love=evolution LP. New music and remixes Moody, Skudge, Marcello Napoletano & Soundstream.

This week's guest mix has been a long time coming from Sibonelo Zulu from South Africa. He features some cuts that you will not see from a South African DJ. He was also the first listener that reached out to me regarding the show.

Here's his take on his mix: "I was going on slowtempo throughout the mix. Playing the stuff that most people (especially in SA) don't feel comfortable playing. I am attracted to the music of Kyle Hall, amongst other Detroit cats... Specter never stops to impress me his deepness.

I have him on Sistrum, Exquisite, Downbeat and AMR. Liking stuff from that Lady Blacktronica, she recently released on Ksoul's label, Kinda Soul, that's worth checking out, but this time I played her on Your Only Friend Label, its 4 track EP and all tracks are worth it. (Sibonelo Zulu)"

So by all means...

Enjoy the music,

Henderick AKA Thelonious Funk


Part 1
Triple Play: James Blake
1. James Blake "The Wilhelm Scream"(Atlas)
2. James Blake "CMYK"(R&S)
3. James Blake "Limit To Your Love"(Atlas)

4. Jay Haze feat. Laila Tov "Tonight"(Contexterrior)
5. Moody "California"[Live](KDJ)
6. Skudge "Mirage"(Skudge Records)
7. Kevin Griffiths "Cantona Kung Fu"[Arto Mwambe Remix](Tsuba)
8. Soundstream "All Night"(Soundstream)
9. Marcello Napoletano "About Us"(Mathematics)
10. KiNK "Kiss The Sky"(Boe Recordings)
11. Bloody Mary feat. Sam Leigh Brown "Arabesque"[Jin Choi Remix](Dame-Music)
12. Cosmin TRG "Izolat"(Rush Hour)
13. Martyn & Mike Slott "All Nights"(All-City Records)
14. Zongamin "Tunnel Music"(XL Recordings)
15. When Saints Go Machine "Curse Me Out"(CDR)
16. Bakey Ustl "A Tender Places"(Unthank)

Part 2
Guest Mix: Sibonelo Zulu (South Africa)
17. Isolee "Meanwhile"(Out To Lunch)
18. Jan Jelinek "The Exposures' Hustle"(~Scape)
19. Urban Tribe "Track 3"(Mohagani Music)
20. Kyle Hall "Luv 4 KMFH"(Wild Oats)
21. Szymanski "Contentment in Humidity"(Omoa Music)
22. Mudd & Ahmed Fakroun "Drago"[Brennan Green's Version](Claremont 56)
23. Moody "Freeki Mutha FCker" [Long Version] (KDJ)
24. Kyle Hall "LoveKontrol" (Wild Oats)
25. Sven Weisemann "Brave"(Exquisite Music)
26. John Roberts "Interlude" [Telephone](Dial)
27. Space Dimension Controller "Simmering Emotion"[Stay with me](R&S Records)
28. San Soda "Kylie Bling" (We Play House)
29. Lady Blacktronica "Never Everything"(Your Only Friend)
30. Specter "Short Stack" (Altered Moods Records)
31. Kerri Chandler "House is House"(Downtown 161)
End Of Mix