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13 May 11

Thelonious Funk Sessions #119 with guest mix by Pat Lezizmo



This weeks show includes new music from Pantha Da Prince Jimpster & Andre Lodemann. Another tune from Danny Howells' Dig Deeper Compilation appears on the show.

Conforce does a nice tune on his brilliant ep on Clone's Basement Series. Ryo Murakami get a nice remix on the superb Curle label. Definitely should check out the label.

This week's triple play is also the guest DJ Pat Lezizmo. As for the mix he provided for the Deep Rhythms massive, here's his own take of his mix:

"Hey guys, I'm glad to be back on DR for Hendericks show again!"

Pat Lezizmo is back.

- This time I did something special, something more relaxed. This mix is called "Music of the Future" and focuses on the mystical sounds of Africa. Obviously a lot of of the tracks come from SA but a few come from Europe too; but always with the same vibe.

- We kick off with tracks from Agoria, Sven Weiseman and Dj Stealth to set us in the right mood. Afro Bionics and Sebastian San spice it up a little while Black Coffee brings it more emotional.

- Then we go on a soulful laidback trip with Thozot followed by a triple play of Baainar Records (big shout out to Lunga!) with a remix I did for Four To The Floor from SA. To finish the mix we have The Mushroom Boyz with a superb track and Culoe De Song with a real spacy track!

- Every song is a journey on its own and I like each of them, I hope you'll like them too.

- I want to thank Henderick again for putting me on his show, keep it up my man, and I would like to thank all the listeners too!

- Cheers, Pat

Well said Pat... Enjoy The Music,
Henderick AKA Thelonious Funk

Thelonious Funk Sessions #119 (Guest mix by Pat Lezizmo) by thelonious funk sessions2


1st hour
1. Pantha Da Prince "Welt Am Draht"[Die Vogel Version](Rough Trade)
2. Jimpster "Alsace & Lorraine" [Dairmount & Berardi Perspective](Freerange)
3. Andre Lodemann "Don't Panic"(Room With A View)
Triple Play: Pat Lezizmo (Smooth Agent Records)
4. Pat Lezizmo "Sidewalker" (CDR)
5. Pat Lezizmo "Chop Curry" (Smooth Agent PROMO)
6. Pat Lezizmo "Sundayz" (Smooth Agent PROMO)
7. Ozgur Can "Lost Somewhere" (Furry Music)
8. Danny Howells "September" [Sigha Remix](Dig Deeper)
9. Conforce "Vulcan" (Clone Basement Series)
10. Ryo Murakami "In Chain"[Fred P Reshape](Curle)
11. Moodymanc "Black Paint"[Larry Heard's After Dark Remix](Tsuba)
12. Deetron & Ripperton "In Depth" (Music Man)
13. The Dirtbombs "Sharivari"[Omar S Remix](ScionAV)
14. Joyce Muniz "Bedtime Stories"[Cosmin TRG Remix](Exploited)

2nd Hour
Guest Mix: Music Of The Future Mix By Pat Lezizmo
15. Agoria "Grande Torino" (Infiné)
16. Sven Weiseman "Slices" (Liebe*Detail)
17. Dj Stealth "Kolakola" [Dam Dam Deep mix] (Qualamoto)
18. Afro Bionics ft "Ancestral Black" [Afefe Iku's Motherland dub] (Yoruba)
19. Sebastien San "Theories" (WPH)
20. Black Coffee ft "Crazy" [Culoe de song winter remix] (Foliage)
21. Black Coffee ft - Turn me on [Raw Artistic Soul Vocal Dub] (Go Go Music)
22. Thozot - Latecomer [M60 late mix] (Dojob Records)
23. Four To The Floor "Nqanqa Speaks"[Pat Lezizmo's Interpretation] (Baainar Records)
24. Dr Ada T ft Missy "Believe" (Baainar Records)
25. Dj Micks ft Shpelele "Behind my headphones" [Aero Manyelo cigar mix] (Baainar Records)
26. Mushroom Boyz "Slave Song" (Smooth Agent)
27. Culoe de Song "Ambush" (Mule Musiq)
End Of Mix