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8 Sep 11

Thelonious Funk Sessions # 123



It has been a minute my friends... Over a month of no weekly shows.

I decided to do something that I have not done this year. A full show of 30 pure selections by yours truly.

I know I have been guest mix crazy this year. Sometimes you gotta get back to basics sometimes.

So tons of new music from big albums of Africa Hitech (93 Million Miles LP), Afikan Sciences (Means And Ways LP), TheTruffle Tribe (Wild Sound Technology LP) & DJ Qu (Gymnastics LP).

New remixes albums for Radiohead & DJ Hell are surely worth checking out. I also provided triple plays of Axel Boman & Skudge in the 2nd part of the show...

I must say that this is certainly a show worth checking out. Next week show is a guest mix by one of my last recruits Dutch producer Leyo of Smooth Agent Records. Until then...

Enjoy The Music,

Henderick AKA Thelonious Funk


1st Hour
1. Radiohead "Codex"[Illum Sphere Remix](Ticker Tape Ltd)
2. Shanghai Restoration Project "Introduction 1938"[Arnaud Edit](CDR)
3. Africa Hitech "Light The Way"(Warp)
4. Mr. Raoul K feat. Iklwa Brothers "Black Sky"(Fatsouls)
5. Osunlade "Envision"[Ame Remix](Innervisions)
6. Mushroom Boyz "Slave Song"[Darque's Tribute Mix](Smooth Agent PROMO)
7. The Truffle Tribe "The New World"(Irma)
8. Infected Soul Ritual Instinct "Monday Rain"(Mule Musiq)
9. Henrik Schwarz "Now This Way"(Cocoon)
10. DJ Qu "Babyluv"(Strength Music)
11. Omar S "Gunup Runup" (Scion Audio)
12. Afrikan Science "Ejercicios"(Deepblak)
13. Tim Toh "Abundant"(Mild Pitch)
14. Koss, Henriksson & Mullaert "One"[DJ Qu Remix](Mule Electronic)
15. Peter Kruder "Young Girl"(2DIY4)

2nd Hour
Triple Play: Axel Boman
16. DJ Hell "The Angst"[Axel Boman Edit](Embassy Of Music)
17. Axel Boman "Nattsudd"(Play It Down)
18. Axel Boman "The Best Ever Made Ever"(Studio Barnhus)
19. Charles Webster feat. Divinti "Learning To Love Me"(Miso)
20. Alland Byallo "Stern Soul"(Room With A View)
21. Martyn "Masks"(Brainfeeder)
Triple Play: Skudge
22. Skudge "Surplus"(Echochord Colour)
23. Skudge "Ontic"[Rolando Understands Remix](Skudge Records)
24. Skudge "Void"
25. Gerd & Elbee Bad "H.O.U.S.E"[Gerd's 2011 Ruff Dub](4Lux)
26. Argy "Tari Tari"(Permanent Vacation)
27. Reference "Another Place"[Zonestumental](Planet E)
28. DJ Hell "Friday, Saturday, Sunday"[Hyena Stomp Remix](Embassy Of Music)
29. Peter Van Hoesen "Axis Mundi" (Osgut Ton)
30. DJ Sneak "Special K"[Shlomi Aber Remix](DJ Sneak Classics)