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24 Oct 11

Thelonious Funk Sessions #126 w/ Florian Schirmacher guest mix



This week's show has a slight Afro Tech feel based on our guest mix. I have 2 tunes from Damon Albarn's DRC Music project Kinshasa One Two. This album was recorded in the Congo Republic capital that included Darren Cunningham (AKA Actress), Jneiro Jarel (Rush Hour recordings artist) & several Congolese singers & musicians. It is out on Warp Music.

Another collaboration between Burial & Four Tet, only this time Radiohead front man Thom Yorke joins the fun. Continuing on the Afro tip Tyler Pope (LCD Soundsystem/Hercules & Love Affair) contributes to the Sudan Votes Music Hopes Project. This is the same project that Henrik Schwarz contributed last year with Emanuel Kal's "Kuar" track on Innervisions.

Maurice did a very nice album last year for Mim Suleiman's Tunji album. Our triple play of the week goes to the talent producer Dan Snaith under his Daphni productions. He is also known as Manitoba & the more popular Caribou name.

Of course what is an afro tech vibe without Wareika?

Florian Schirmacher guest mix

florian.jpgSpeaking of Wareika, our guest mix will be from Hamburg based producer Florian Schirmacher. He is not only the founder of Wareika, he goes under various production names (Glowing Glisses, Haktivah, Here Today, The Change & Federleicht).

He has a nice spectrum of track in his floctober mix. On slightly different vibe, some very breath taking techno cust that you must hear from Roman Flugel, Najem Sworb & Unbroken Dub. Plenty to listen to...

Enjoy the music,

Henderick AKA Thelonious Funk

Thelonious Funk Sessions 126 (Guest Mix by Florian Shirmacher) also on Soundcloud.


1st Hour
1. DRC Music feat. Tout Puissant Mukalo and Nelly Liyemge "Hallo"(Warp)
2. Machinedrum "She Died There"(Planet Mu)
3. Burial, Four Tet & Thom Yorke "Ego"(Text)
4. Eltron John "Not In Your Hand"(Pets Recordings)
5. Neo Project #2 feat. Alsarah "Salam Nubia"(Akwaaba)
6. DRC Music feat. Bokatola System and Evala Litongo "Lingala"(Warp)
7. Mim Suleiman "Flava" (Running Back)
8. Marcello Napoletano "Noise Is The Cure"(Busconi Records)
9. J. Bevin "Zulu"(Deep Teknologi)
10. Wareika "Mold Area"(Hafendisko)
Triple Play: Dan Snaith (Caribou) AKA Daphni
11. Daphni "Mapfumo"(Resista)
12. Daphni "Jiao"(Jiaolong)
13. No Boundaries "Modular Pursuits"[Daphni Remix](Planet E)
14. Najem Sworb "Severance"(Metis Rercordings)
15. Dimitri Kneppers "The Kick Off"[Orlando Voorn Remix](Planet E)

2nd Hour
Guest Mix: Florian Shirmacher's Floctober Mix (Wareika/Hatikvah/Here Today/Federleicht)

16. Kaito - And that was the way (Echospace Rmx) / Kompakt 208
17. Dj Sprinkles - Brenda`s $20 Dilemma / mule musiq 34
18. Trus`me - W.A.R. / Stilove4music 10
19. USG feat. Se`vere "Have I lost you" (written and prod. by Anthony Nicholson & Ron Trent) "Have I lost you" - Urban Instrumental / Prescription 5021
20. Soul 223 - In search of slowly / Soul Jazz Industrial Products 145
21. Lerosa- Pussy / Enclave 001
22. Donna Regina - Star Ferry ( Isolée Remix) - Karaoke Kalk 15
23. Blackbelt Andersen - En Real Tjukkas / Trailerpark Recordings 003
24. Jay Shephard - beast regards /Diynamic Music 021
25. Osunlade - Blackman / Soul Jazz Records 52
26. Mood II Swing - Move me ( Original Mix) - Earth Moon & Sun Records
27. Incarnations - Make you mine (Wareika Remix) - Lovemonk 65
28. Markus Enochson - For you to see (Tiger Stripes Remix dub) / Sonar Kollektiv 113
29. Soukie & Windish - Sundrop (Wareika Remix) / Ursl 003
End Of Mix
30. Unbroken Dub "Sovushka"(Rawax)
31. Roman Flugel "Rude Awakening"(Dial)