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15 Nov 11

Thelonious Funk Sessions #127 - Legowelt's unreleased trax special



This week is a full show of music coming from my collection. I have music from the albums of Shlohmo, Roman Flugel, Moomin & Jonsson/Alter & Legowelt.

These are quite possibly some of the many albums that could challenge DJ Qu's Gimnastics LP for Album Of The Year. You will find out on the last Monthly Report Special for my Top 20 Albums Of The Year in December.

The first part of the show kicks off with some nice downtempo music from Shlohmo & Roman Flugel. We pick things up with music from Joe Goddard & Phon.o.

Dan Snaith returns again under his Daphni guise. Carl Craig remixes Richie Hawtin on his Plastikman remix LP. Deetron has just released a new mix on latest Balance DJ Mix Series. His "Croque" track is one of the exclusives in his mix.

Legowelt special

The second part of the show focuses on the multiple productions of Danny Wolfers AKA Legowelt. This exciting mix includes tracks from his brilliant "Teac Life" LP & some unreleased material.

This goes from a hilarious sample of Steve Urkel to a quirky cover of Todo (See original song on Youtube). I also have an announcement about these tracks that are played in the mix so listen out for it.

Enjoy The Music,

Henderick AKA Thelonious Funk

Thelonious Funk Sessions #127 by Thelonious Funk


Part 1
1. Shlohmo "Places"(Friends Of Friends)
2. Roman Flugel "Song With Blue" (Dial)
3. Joe Goddard feat. Valentina "Gabriel" (DFA)
4. Phon.o "ABAW 723"(50 Weapons)
5. Daphni "Ahora" [Margot Remix](Amazing Sounds)
6. Thomas Muller "Rude Way For Sweet Heart"(BPitch Control)
7. Bernard Badie feat Muphan "Bones"(Mojuba)
8. Moomin "The Story About You"(Smallville)
9. Steffen Kirchhoff "The Beast In Me"(Ki Records)
10. Deadbeat "First Quarter"[Scuba Remix Scb Edit](BLKRTZ)
11. Jonsson/Alter "Dvarg"(Kontra Musik)
12. Plastikman "Mind In Rewind" [Carl Craig Prog 47 Remix](Minus)
13. Paul Woolford & Psycatron "Stolen" [Dub Two](Hotflush)
14. Deetron "Croque" (Balance)

Part 2
Thelonious Funk Mixes Legowelt Unreleased trax
15. Legowelt "Night Wind"(CDR)*
16. Legowelt "All I Know Of Love"(CDR)
17. Legowelt "North Sea Coast Acid"(CDR)
18. Legowelt "Can U Feel My SH-101"(CDR)
19. Legowelt "Africa"(CDR)
20. Legowelt "Detroit 707"(CDR)
21. Legowelt "Moonmist"(CDR)*
22. Legowelt "Urkel Overdrive"(CDR)
23. Legowelt "16th Street Acid"(CDR)
24. Legowelt "Habanero Life"(CDR)
25. Legowelt "SH-High School"(CDR)
26. Legowelt "Teen Romance"(CDR)
27. Legowelt "1995 Acid Submerged"(CDR)
28. Legowelt "Half Moon 106"(CDR)*
29. Legowelt "Poemajam"(CDR)
30. Legowelt "Maestro Unit"(CDR)
End Of Mix