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11 Mar 12

Thelonious Funk Sessions #136 (Hotflush Mixtape by George FitzGerald)



This week's show kicks off with Bonobo remixed by Blue Daisy on his Black Sands Remix Album. New music from Om Unit from the impressive Project Mooncircle label. It certainly is an impressive tune from a massive compilation celebrating 10 years of music. The 4LP box set features over 40 tracks of dubstep/bass & techno music has a release date set for this week. More on this label & compilation in the near future.

I also have new music from Edward's brilliant Teupitz LP on White Music. A Sagittariun returns on Elastic Sound. Omar-S collaborates with Ob Ignitt. Up & coming producer Gesloten Cirkel remixes Conforce on hi 24 EP. Massive tune! Plenty more amazing tracks that I think will define this year with tracks from Burial, Palisade, Joy O & Boddika & Innerspace Halflife.

The label this week is about Hotflush, which is the triple play of the week. It features their latest releases from Locked Groove, Sigha & Scuba's highly anticipated LP. Furthermore the mixtape mix from George FitzGerald features all Hotflush tracks. It includes classics from Toasty, Scuba, Psycatron & Paul Woolford. He also has new & unreleased material from Scuba & remixes for Sepalcure (one of my albums of 2011). However the tune I am looking forward to owning is from Lando Kal. I need that track & will support when it hits the streets...

After that amazing mix I had to follow that up with a tune from George FitzGerald's Shackled EP. More massive tunes from Ugandan Methods, Chicago Skyway, Brother G & Darko Esser. Lots to mention about a lot of music so start listening...

Enjoy The Music,

Henderick AKA Thelonious Funk


Part 1
1. Bonobo "Stay The Same"[Blue Daisy 'Not Quite The Same' Remix](Ninja Tune)
2. Om Unit "Naiad"(Project Mooncircle PROMO)
Triple Play: Hotflush Records
3. Locked Groove "Rooted"(Hotflush)
4. Scuba "Gekko"(Hotflush)
5. Sigha "How to Disappear"(Hotflush)
6. Edward feat. Sarah Clarke "Control"(White Music)
7. A Sagittariun "The Ninth Sign"(Elastic Sound)
8. Omar S And Ob Ignitt "Wayne County Hill Cop's"[Omar S Mix](FXHE)
9. Conforce "24"[Gesloten Cirkel remix](Clone Basement Series)
10. Alland Byallo "One Of The Ones"(Polker Flat)
11. Palisade "Paradox"(Laid)
12. Innerspace Halflife "Body Flicker"(CDR)
13. Burial "Ashtray Wasp"(Hyperdub)
14. Pirupa "Party Non Stop"[DJ QU Remix](Desolat)
15. Joy O & Boddika "Mercy"(Sunklowun)

Part 2
George FitzGerald Hotflush Mixtape for MixMag
16. Sigha "Something In Between Us" (Hotflush)
17. Scuba "The Hope" (Hotflush)
18. Joy O "Jels" (Hotflush)
19. Sepalcure "The One" [Kevin McPhee Remix] (Hotflush PROMO)
20. Lando Kal "Rhythm Sektion" (Hotflush PROMO)
21. Sigha "B1" (Hotflush)
22. George FitzGerald "We Bilateral" (Hotflush)
23. Paul Woolford & Psycatron "Stolen"[Dub 1](Hotflush)
24. Scuba "Action" (Hotflush)
25. Mount Kimbie "Carbonated" (Hotflush)
26. Scuba "Ruptured"[Surgeon Remix](Hotflush)
27. Toasty "The Knowledge" (Hotflush)
28. Sepalcure "No Think" (Hotflush)
29. Scuba "Dream" (Hotflush)
End Of Mix
30. George FitzGerald "Shackled"(Hotflush)
31. Darko Esser "Slightly Disturbed"(Balans)
32. Brother G "Battlefield"(Rawax)
33. Chicago Skyway "London Streets"[Hakim Murphy Remix](Uzuri)
34. Ugandan Methods "Beneath The Black Arch"(Ancient Methods)
35. Maelstrom "uSSR"[Aero Manyelo Remix](Sound Pelligrini)