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4 Apr 12

Thelonious Funk Sessions #138



This week is a another full show of music coming from my collection. Before I get you moving I wanted to give you something to seriously think about. If there is a song I want you to pay attention to it would certainly be the very first song kicking off the show. Listen & be informed to see how this world is today. Hakim's haunting but thought provoking tune is on his D:E:C:O:N:S:T:R:U:C:T:I:O:N album on his Machining Dreams Label.

I have new music from Vince Watson on his "Every Soul Needs A Guide" LP that was supposed to be released on Laurent Garnier label several years ago. Very much worth the wait... Another nice collaboration from Doc Daneeka & Abigail Wyles. This is followed by Burial & Four Tet which equals yet another contender for one of the biggest tunes of the year so far...

There are plenty of tunes under the various divisions of the Delsin family. For the main label itself we have tunes from Gerry Read & Hazylujah. From the Purple Maze imprint we have a nice track from Yør from his impressive EP. Once again be on the lookout for an exclusive guest mix in the coming weeks. For MOS we have productions from Aroy Dee including his collaboration with San Proper.

Speaking of San Proper he is part of the this week's triple play of tracks from the Dekmantel Anniversary compilation. Must make mention of beautiful Balaeric grooves of Essay & brilliant tunes on the labels of the Kiyo To (Kanzen Records) & George Fitzgerald (Man Make Music).

Lastly another week another new track from Chicago duo Innerspace Halflife. Next week i will be playing a mix from Ike Release (Innerspace Halflife) promoting his vinly only label Episodes. This mix was considered Mix of the Month on Resident Advisor & I fully understand why. He will be doing an exclusive guest mix in the near future.

Tons of music to hear. So by all means...

Enjoy the music,

Henderick AKA Thelonious Funk


1st Hour
1. Hakim Murphy "Arise"(Machining Dreams)
2. Vince Watson "Found What I'm Looking For"(Everysoul)
3. Doc Daneeka feat Abigail Wyles "Tobyjug"(Brownswood/Ten Thousand Yen)
4. Burial + Four Tet "Nova"(Text)
5. Trikk "Jointly"(Man Make Music)
6. Flashmob "Ninety Five"(Get Physical)
7. Gerry Read "Crawlspace"(Delsin)
8. Washerman "Basement Chord"(Drumpoet Community)
9. Egal 3 "Time Trian"[Ryan Elliot Remix](EDEC Music Outlet)
10. S.L.C. "Let's Dance"[Vox](On The Fly)
11. Voiski "Ad Infinitum"(Construct Reform)
12. Tom Dicicco "Future Vision"(Project Mooncircle PROMO)
13. Dj Rum "Mountains Pt. 1"(2nd Drop Records)

2nd Hour
1. Hazylejah "Minds Wired"(Delsin)
2. Yør "Fear and Desire"(Purple Maze)
3. Aroy Dee & San Proper "Usher"[Aroy Dee's Melancholy Mix](M>O>S Recordings)
4. Joash "Don't Fear It, Fight It"[Arto Mwambe Remix](Compost)
5. Essay feat Rhiann Sheehan "Morning Mountain"(Glyph Recordings)
6. Mayo 'N' Egg "Soldier"[Deep Souls Remix](Kanzen Records)
7. Strategy "Starry Day"(100% Silk)
8. Kresy "Lords Of Percussion"[Jacob Korn Remix](Hivern Disc)
Triple Play Dekmantel Anniversary Series Compilation (Dekmantel)
9. Hundred20 "The Whale Minke Congregation"(Dekmantel)
10. San Proper "Rattle'[Station 2 Station](Dekmantel)
11. Hunee "The Lowest Animal"(Dekmantel)
12. John Heckle "Red Defender"(Mathematics)
13. Aroy Dee "Mr. Floyd"(M>O>S)
14. Innerspace Halflife "Edo-Tensei 1"(CDR)