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15 Jul 12

Thelonious Funk Sessions #146 (Next Gen Series Mix By Najem Sworb)



Kicking of the show is a the title track from Christian Loffler's critcally acclaimed "A Forest" LP. I played a couple of tunes from Osgut Ton's 4th installment of the Panorama Bar compilation mixed by Nick Hoppner.

I also have given you a preview of what to expect from me on a future show with tunes from artists like Alex Israel, Svengalisghost & Amir Alexander. I have more music from Belgian talent Locked Groove as well as nice collaboration between Marcus Vector & Jay Haze. The lovely vocalist of KiNK's "Hand Made" tune get remixed by the same artist she helped.

Our Triple Play of the week is also our guest on the show Najem Sworb featuring amazing tunes from his last 2 EPs on Metis Recordings. The French producer is also our next installment of the Next Gen Series that was initiated by Ike Release last week. He certainly packs a punch with multiple tunes from Michael Dehnert (& his label), Untold & Clone Basement Series.

This is a huge honor to have him do a guest mix. Surely this man will be very busy if he keeps producing & spinning sets like this. Big thanks to not only Laurent for taking the time to do this mix but Jerome Bazzanella as well for supporting the show with music from his Days Of Being Wild/Metis Recordings imprint. Expect more from this label & artist in the near future.

Lastly, as a reminder, if you need an copy of any of the Next Gen Series Exclusive mixes without interruptions please feel free to contact me on Facebook & it will be sent to you.

Enjoy The Music,

Henderick AKA Thelonious Funk


Part 1
1. Christian Loffler "A Forest" (Ki Records)
2. Andrea "Reflection"[Stenny Remodel](Illian Tape)
3. Dexter "X7D"(Osgut Ton)
4. Alex Israel feat. Kevin Reynolds "Habitation Micturation"(Creme Organization)
5. Matthew Styles "Liquid Sky"(Osgut Ton)
6. Svengalisghost "Mars Out Of Range"(L.I.E.S)
Triple Play: Najem Sworb
7. Najem Sworb "Particules"(Metis Recordings)
8. Najem Sworb "Leaves"(Metis Recordings)
9. Najem Sworb "Aorta"(Metis Recordings)
10. Seph "Unnamed"(Dumb Unit)
11. Locked Groove "Back to 91"(Turbo Recordings)
12. Marcus Vector & Jay Haze feat. Mao Fonnegra "Hard Workin Mutha"[Live Take Mix] (Toys For Boys Records)
13. Amir Alexander "Dark Dirt"(Argot)
14. Rachel Row "Follow The Step"[KiNK Remix](PROMO)
15. Home Décor "Party in Palmerston North"(PROMO)
16. Trevino "Backtracking"(The Nothing Special)
17. Manuel Tur "High Needs Low"[Homewreckers Jack](Freerange)

Part 2
Next Gen Series Exclusive Mix By Najem Sworb (Metis Recordings)
18. Shakarchi & Stranéus "Something..."(Studio Barnhaus)
19. Cassegrain & Tin man "Carnal"(KILLEKILL)
20. I:Cube "Jah Menta"(Versatile)
21. Untold "Motion The Dance"(Hemlock Recordings)
22. Sasha Rydell "SR2"(Fachwerk Digital)
23. Go Hiyama "Tasu"[Markus Suckut dub](Stroboscopic Artefacts)
24. Marcel Dettmann "Viscous"(Osgut Ton)
25. Anthony 'Shake' Shakir "Travellers"[MRSK Remix](Rush Hour)
26. King Britt presents Dynamic "Things Take Time"(Planet E)
27. Steve Poindexter & Armando "Black Holes"[The Sun Of God Remix](High Fashion Digital)
28. Blawan "Peaches"[Melting Flesh](Clone Basement Series)
29. Untold "Little Things Like That"(Clone Basement Series)
30. Roebin de Freitas "Ceizo"(PROMO)
31. Mike Dehnert "Inversion"(Delsin)
32. Head High "It's A Love Thing"[Piano Invasion](Power House)
33. Rivet "Running"(Kontra Musik)
34. Mike Dehnert "Tell Me What"(Fachwerk Digital)
35. The Martian "The Stardancer"(Red Planet)
End Of Mix
36. Sir Oukam "Saudisco"[Simon Goldshlager Remix](Days Of Being Wild/Metis Recordings)