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25 Jul 12

Thelonious Funk Sessions #147 (Next Gen Series Mix By Huerco S)



This week's show kicks off with some amazing music from John Roberts from his Paper Frames EP. Hopefully this is a sign of a new forthcoming album in the near future. Still consider his Glass Eights LP a classic. Speaking of LPs, I have tunes from the albums of Sasse (Third Encounter), D'Marc Cantu (New World), Edward (Teupitz), Benjamin Brunn (Colour Tracks), Vedomir (Vedomir) & Fort Romeau (Kingdoms).

I have more brilliant music from A Sagittariun on his Born Under 22 Stars EP. More music from the Plan B Camp with music from Dakini9. Hakim Murphy & Ike Release's Innerspace Halflife project has become quite a fixture on the show. The same can be said for Conforce as he remixes Albert van Abbe.

I also had to get some tracks in for Kansas City producer Huerco S. who is doing this week's installment of the Next Gen Series. Huerco S. has been getting some serious buzz with his "No Jack" EP on Wicked Bass along with some very eerie video to go along with some of his productions. He also has some digital release on his Bandcamp site worth checking out as well. The mix I must say is brilliant! He features some cuts from Joey Anderson, Moomin & Marcellus Pittman. He also played some cuts from the legendary R&S label. He has also played a few tracks that have been supported by me such as Actress' stunning remix of Teengirl Fantasy, October's Empire Of Man on Skudge & French producer Marcelus on Tresor.

Once again if you need an uninterrupted copy of this mix for your collection please do not hesistate to contact me. Next up in The Next Gen Series is New York producer & co-founder of Plan B Recordings DJ Spider (and various aliases LOL).

Enjoy The Music.

Henderick AKA Thelonious Funk


Part 1
1. John Roberts "Crushing Shells"(Dial Records)
2. Huerco S. "Untitled B1"(Wicked Bass)
3. Sasse "707 Heaven"(Mood Music)
4. D'Marc Cantu "The Other Side Of House"(M&rt;O&rt;S)
5. Amir Alexander "Innovation"(Deep Vibes)
6. A Sagittariun "Somewhere In Montpelier"(Elastic Sound)
7. Andre Lodemann "Where are you now?"[Jimpster remix](Best Works)
8. Dakini9 "Human Existence"(Plan B Recordings)
9. Huerco S. "Amsu"(Huerco S.)
10. Benjamin Brunn "A1 Yellow Techno"(Colour Tracks)
11. Albert van Abbe "OS_3009"[Conforce Remodel V3](No Comment)
12. Niro "Starship Hookers"[MRSK Remix](unclear Records)
13. Frak "888"(Kontra Musik)
14. Innerspace Halflife "Stratosphere"(Machining Dreams)
15. Submerse "Pressure"(Project Mooncircle)

Part 2
Next Gen Series Exclusive Mix By Huerco S. (Wicked Bass)
16. Lord Of The Isles "A2B"(Unthank)
17. Joey Anderson "We Are Not Alone"(Inimeg Recordings)
18. Trackmasta Lou "To Day Is A Good Day"[John Heckle Re-Animation](Tabernacle)
19. Monrella "A2"(Zet)
20. Marcelus "Falcon"(Tresor)
21. Moomin "Watermelon"[Marvin Dash Edit](Aim)
22. Teengirl Fantasy"Motif"[Actress Remix](R&S)
23. October "Empire Of Man"(Skudge)
24. Hauntologists "B1"(Hauntologists)
25. Fingers Inc. "I'm Strong"[Instrumental Mix](R&S)
26. M. Pittman "Cherry Lee"[Down Syndrome Mix](FHXE)
27. Jaffe "UNTITLED A"[HUERCO S. MIX](This Is Not Your House)
28. Basic House "Perishing"(Unreleased)
29. Mike Dehnert "Slim"(Fachwerk)
End Of Mix
30. Edward "Floating View"(White Music)
31. Fort Romeau "I Need U"(100% Silk)
32. Vedomir "Forks, Knives and Spoons"(Dekmantel)
33. Jason Grove "Raw in 92"(Skylax)
34. Jacques Greene "Prism"(3024)