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6 Aug 12

Thelonious Funk Sessions #148 (Next Gen Mix By DJ Spider)



This week's show kicks off with a tune from Cooly G from her highly anticipated album on Hyperdub. I also wanted to play a couple of tracks from Shed's "The Killer" Album on 50 Weapons. Massive album as well. I have some unreleased cuts featuring an edit of Caribou & a nice remix of Retrac by Ethyl on Indigo Raw. Another tune gets played from A Sagittariun's latest EP on his Elastic Dream label. Kevin McPhee remixes Gingy & Bordello on Turbo Recordings. I have a previously unreleased tune by Actress along with more breathtaking music from Tin Man from his Neo Neo Acid LP on Acid Test. Morgan Geist's Storm Queen project returns with some deep vocal house on his Environ label.

This week's triple play features our next producer in our Next Gen Exclusive Mix Series DJ Spider out of New York. He has featured music from his collaborations with Hakim Murphy & Marshallito. He also has productions under his guises of Spider Bites & Alarma along with tunes from artist on his Plan B Recordings label. His label was also rated Label of the Month on Resident Advisor & rightfully so... Be sure to keep an eye on his bandcamp page for any releases from him & the label. Big thanks to Dj Spider for taking the time out of his busy schedule to do this exclusive mix for you to enjoy! Oh, if that mix was not enough, I have included new music from Djrum (BIG TUNE ALERT) & Robert Hood from his new album on Music Man...

Once again if you want an uninterrupted copy of this or any other mix from the Next Gen Series, please do not hesitate to contact me. Next up in the series is DJ Spider's partner in crime for Plan B Recordings Lola AKA Dakini9. Until then...

Enjoy The Music,

Henderick Mitchell


Part 1
1. Cooly G "He Said I Said"(Hyperdub)
2. Shed "Day After"(50 Weapons)
3. Caribou "She's the One"[Brokenchord Edit](PROMO)
4. A Sagittariun "West Of Ophiuchus"(Elastic Dreams)
5. Retrac "Shades"[Ethyl Remix](Indigo Raw PROMO)
6. Gingy & Bordello "Iron & Water"[Kevin McPhee Remix](Turbo Recordings)
Triple Play: DJ Spider
7. DJ Spider & Marshallito "Phd"(subBASS Soundsystem)
8. DJ Spider "6651"[DJ Spider Remix]((EDEC Music Outlet)
9. DJ Spider "Tribal Mechanism"(Vanguard Sound)
10. Shed "I Come By Night"(50 Weapons)
11. Actress "Shock Therapy 101"(PROMO)
12. Franklin De Costa "She Is The One"(Mule Musiq)
13. Tin Man "Museum Of Acid"(Acid Test/Absurd Recordings)
14. Regen "Black Puff"(Illian Tape)
15. Storm Queen "Let's Make Mistakes"[Club Mix](Environ)

Part 2
Next Gen Series Exlcusive Mix: Dj Spider (Plan B Recordings/Sublevel Sounds)
16. Alarma! "Clasificado!"(Machining Dreams)
17. DJ Spider & Hakim Murphy "Sprayz"(Synapsis Records)
18. Spider Bites "Suspended In Animation"(BTU Music)
19. DJ Spider "Chemtrails"(Plan B Recordings)
20. DJ Spider "6652"[DJ Spider Remix](EDEC Music Outlet)
21. Dakini9 "The Weight Of Disbelief"(Plan B Recordings)
22. DJ Spider & Marshallito "Hogs Breath"(subBASS Soundsystem)
23. Amir Alexander "Sonic Weaponry"(Vanguard Sound)
24. DJ Spider "Crimson Bat"(Plan B Recordings)
25. Chris Mitchell "Lazerdrive"(Vanguard Sound)
26. DJ Spider "Darktrails"(Plan B Recordings)
27. DJ Spider & Marshallito "Skywalker"(SubBASS Soundsystem)
28. Mindscraper "Oscillation 4"(BTU Music)
29. Alarma! "Guerra De Virus!"(Sublevel Sounds)
30. Spider Bites "Geoengineering Plot Of Doom"(BTU Music)
End Of Mix
31. Djrum "Watermark"(2nd Drop Records)
32. Robert Hood "A Time To Rebuild"(Music Man)