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26 Aug 12

Thelonious Funk Sessions #149 (Chicago Special)



This week is all about my hometown... Plain & Simple... This is for the Past, Present & Future of Chicago. Please note there will be another volume coming up on a future show in case I forgot somone. It was inspired by Jerome Derradji's brilliant compilation BPM122:The Birth Of House Music on Still Music, showing lost & previously unreleased material from early days of house in Chicago. I just wanted to take it a step further & showcase the talent you may or may not have heard from Chicago... Thanks Jerome for providing the inspiration...

Part 1 kicks with a track from Libra Libra from the aforementioned compilation. Phuture is in the mix with one of the key tracks that have defined Chicago house. I have some tunes that were previously unreleased but now unearthed by sub labels of Rush Hour & Clone by Da Posse & Jordan Fields. Gene Hunt appears on Rush Hour as well. Mr. Fingers' 6 track EP on Jack Trax one one of my favorite EPs from the legendary producer. As you know he is still bringing the goods nowadays. The man that helped create the popular track "Gabriel" (with Peven Everett of coarse) gets a spin from his Beautiful One EP back in 98 on Large Records.

Kevin Saunderson's KMS records has recently released a compilation celebrating 25 years of amazing house & techno. One of those cuts came from Chicago producer Chez Damier. Currently, Chicago has some artist that are making some serious noise. Hakim Murphy & Ike Release with their solo project & their production together as Innerspace Halflife have been getting some serious buzz lately. Amir Alexander, Ricardo Miranda, Steve Tang, Alex Israel & Svengalisghost are starting to get their much deserved recognition as well. Spencer Kincy aka Gemini was one of the best to come out of Chicago in the 90s until he mysteriously disappeared. His whereabouts are unknown. I sure hope he pops up again soon considering the classics he has done.

Second part of the show kicks of with 2 legendary producers that I wish were alive today to see how much of an influence they have been to many people. I unfortunately was too young to witness the greatness of Ron Hardy & Armando. However they have made me proud to be from Chicago. Ron influenced Gene Hunt as well as another Ron (Trent that is). Armando was a personal favorite of mine when it comes to his productions. He was certainly an influence to Chicago Skyway which is very evident in his track on Uzuri Records. Spekter has certainly made a name for himself with his Pipe Bomb tune on Theo Parrish's Sound Signature label. It cetainly would have made my year end review if I found it before the deadline (damn)... I wanted to round off the show with some techno from Jeff Pietro & Lokua.

So to my Chicago producers once again I really hope I did you proud. I also hope that mixing your tracks together brings you closer to your fellow Chicagoans (which it should). This one is for all of you for paving the way in the past present & future. This is your time... If you want to do a mix get in touch with me. For next week's show we will be continuing out Exclusive Next Gen Series Mix from New Jersey producer Joey Anderson. Until then...

Enjoy The Music,

Henderick AKA Thelonious Funk


Part 1
1. Libra Libra "I Am Music"[Instrumental Mix](Still Music PROMO)
2. Da Posse "Strings"(Clone Classic Cuts)
3. Phuture 303 "Acid Trax"(Trax Records)
4. Jordan Fields "Boxbeater"(Hour House Is Your Rush)
5. Mr. Fingers "I'm Strong"(Jack Trax)
6. Armando "Terminator"(Trax Records)
7. Chez Damier "Can You Feel It"(KMS)
8. Roy Davis Jr. "Motion"(Large Records)
9. Gene Hunt "I Know You Care"(Hour House Is Your Rush)
10. Amir Alexander "Gutter Flex"(Argot)
11. Gemini "A Blue Night"(Peacefrog)
12. Mauser "Binary"(Synapsis)
13. Obsolete Music Technology "Mmmmusic"[Chicago Skyway Pay Toll Mix](Emphasis Recordings)
14. Hakim Murphy Izquierda Dos"[G. Marcell Remix](CDR)
15. Ricardo Miranda "Greenline"(Stillove4music)
16. Alex Israel "Mongo Raw"(Creme Organization)
17. Svengalisghost "Marathon"(L.I.E.S.)

Part 2
18. Ron Hardy "Love & Happiness"(Unreleased)
19. Armando "Emergency"(Unreleased)
20. Chicago Skyway "Noise"(Uzuri)
21. Spekter "Pipe Bomb"(Sound Signature)
22. Innerspace Halflife "Ghoststeppen"(Unreleased)
23. Adonis & Noleion Reusse "Lover's Jak" (Mathematics)
24. Cesar Ramirez "Exploration"(Smooth Agent)
25. Glenn Underground "Techno Soul"(CDR)
26. Mr. K-Alexi Shelby "Peaktime"[DJ Rolando I-94 mix](CDR)
27. Gene Hunt "Gotta Get Away"[Rick Wilhite & Omar-S Deep In The Box Mix](Philosophie)
28. Ike Release "Shanghai"(Unreleased)
29. Hakim Murphy "Work In"(Plan B Recordings)
30. Tevo Howard "Every House Music"(Tevo Howard Recordings)
31. Ron Trent "Sweetness"(Electric Blue)
32. Lokua "Underly 1"(CPKAY RCRDS PROMO)
33. Jeff Pietro "Still 1"(Borrowed Language)