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9 Sep 12

Thelonious Funk Sessions #150 (Next Gen Mix by Joey Anderson)



This weeks show has not only reached the milestone of 150 shows, it marks 5 years of me doing Thelonious Funk Sessions. Before I continue I want to not only thank Timo for help this show continue, I would also like to thank Christian Armand for giving me the opportunity to do this in the first place with his Swank Society Radio site at the time. I am forever grateful to both of you for letting me do my think without any objections. I would also like to thank all of you who have listened to my through the half decade. If you have found any tune that you may have bought or supported due to hearing this show, I have done my job... Lastly I would also like to thank the various artists & labels that have supported this show in various ways. I do this to help get your music sold just as I did when I was music distributor. I hope that through me supporting your music that I have given you an extra voice. Just do what you love & I will support you till the end.

Ok enough with the misty words, we have a very good show kicking off with Shed's remix of Amon Tobin on Ninja Tune. Moodymann does it again on his KDJ imprint. I have new music from Ricardo Villalobo's "Dependent & Happy" album. Mathew Jonson finally releases one from his vaults on his Itiswhatitis label. Audiojack does a cover of the Jay Dee classic on Supernature.

Our triple play is Joey Anderson part our this week's exclusive Next Gen Mix Series. The Hoboken, New Jersey native has been making a lot of noise in NY House scene as a dancer along with his releases on Underground Quality (Jus Ed's label), Until My Heart Stops, Inimeg & Fred P's Soul People Music label. However his music has been put in the forefront after Levon Vincent featured 2 of his tracks in his Fabric mix. His mix features some of his tunes along with classic cuts from Larry Heard, Jackmaster Farley, Hieroglyphic Being & Love Child. Big thanks to Joey for taking the time out of his busy schedule to do this exclusive mix for us.

I decided to sneak in some more tracks to round off this show featuring Kris Wadworth's mix of DJ Linus, Ed Davenport remix of Hans Berg & some killer cuts from Actress (something from Ghettoville perhaps?) & Parasela. With that being said...

Enjoy The Music,

Henderick AKA Thelonious Funk


Part 1
1. Amon Tobin "Journeyman"[Shed Remix](Ninja Tune)
2. Moody "Why Do U Feel"(KDJ)
3. Stereociti "Jellyfish"(Mojuba)
Triple Play: Joey Anderson
4. Joey Anderson "Cool Is The Color Of My Soul"(Inimeg)
5. Joey Anderson "Earth Calls"(Fabric Records)
6. Joey Anderson "Granite"(Inimeg)
7. Ricardo Villalobos "Ferenc"(Perlon)
8. Muff Deep "Lost Souls"(Tartelet)
9. Magic Mountain High "B2"(Workshop)
10. Mathew Jonson "Passage to the Other Side"(Itiswhatitis)
11. Audiojack "Plastic Dreams"[20 Year Tribute](Supernature PROMO)
12. Steve Murphy & Die Roh "The Chasm"(Chiwax)
13. Tony Ollivierra "Eve Did The Smurf"(Northside District)
14. Bicep "Echo Vibes"(Let's Play House/Throne Of Blood)
15. NeferTT "Pyramel"(Hotflush)

Part 2
Next Gen Exclusive Mix: Joey Anderson (Inimeg Records)
16. Joey Anderson "Darryl Kearny Tribute"[Interlude]
17. Love Child "Sweet Ambience"(Strictly Rhythm)
18. Farley "Jackmaster " Funk "I Need A Friend"(House Records)
19. Chris Mitchell "Phenetic"(Vanguard Sound)
20. Joey Anderson "Voice"(Unreleased)
21. Larry Heard presents Mr. White "Sun Can't Compare"(Alleviated Records)
22. Ital "Culture Clubs"[Hieroglyphic Being Remix](Lovers Rock)
23. Joey Anderson "505 Excuses You"(Unreleased)
24. Hieroglyphic Being "From the beginning to Eternity"(+ + +)
25. Joey Anderson "We are not Alone"(Inimeg)
26. ? "Your love"(?)
End Of Mix
27. DJ Linus "KB's Groove"[Kris Wadworth's A Love Letter To Dance Remix](Initials PROMO)
28. Hans Berg "Machines"[Ed Davenport Fixation](Fullbarr PROMO)
29. Actress "Metamorphosis"(Werk Discs)
30. Parassela "B2"(Parassela)