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9 Oct 12

Thelonious Funk Sessions #152



As we are approaching December for the 2012 Year End Review, I want to get some tracks in that could be on the list. Kicking off the show I have music from Djrum from the 3rd installment of the Brownwood Electric series. I have tunes from albums of Debruit VECR & Flying Lotus.

As you can see there 3 Triple plays on the the show. The First Triple Play comes from Andres in part 1 of the show. He has received a lot of love from his releases on La Vida, M1 Sessions & KDJ's Mahoghani Music. More unreleased music from Alton Miller, Mr. Raoul K & Phil Weeks. Anthony Simoncino pays tribute to the late Armando under his Ken Kojima guise. Altered Natives returns with a tune from his third & final version of the Tenement Yard album series. Definitely a album worth picking up. I have two remixes of Roebin de Freitas by Najem Sworb & Djorvin Clain.

The 2nd hour kicks off with a triple play of the superb album of Juju & Jordash on Dekmantel. More tracks from the new albums of Redshape & Peter Van Hoesen. The last triple play is all about Terrence Dixon featuring breathtaking music from his album along with his latest remix for Sone. What more can I say about this talented producer? His From The Far Future Part 2 LP is another album certainly worthy of being mentioned as one of the major highlights of the year! Rounding off the show I have a nice collaboration by Markantonio & Roberto Capuano followed by Swedish duo Skudge.

So there you have it with tons of music to get you ready for December...

Enjoy The Music,

Henderick AKA Thelonious Funk


Part 1
1. Djrum feat. Shadowbox "Lies"(Brownswood)
2. Flying Lotus "All In"(Warp Records)
3. D├ębruit "Cri" (Civil Music)
4. VECT "Rhodes Trip" (VECT)
Triple Play: Dez Andres AKA Andres
5. Dez Andres "Seasons So Long"(M1 Sessions)
6. Andres "Hart Plaza"(La Vida)
7. Andres "Ribena"(Sounds Of The Universe)
8. Alton Miller "Feel About Me"(Smooth Agent PROMO)
9. Malandra Jr "African Dust"[Extended Version](Opelic Music)
10. Mr. Raoul K "Sierra Leone"[Deetron Mixdown](Still Music PROMO)
11. Ken Kojima "Armando"(Chiwax)
12. STL "Your Turn"(Smallville)
13. Phil Weeks "Acid Pattern"(Robsoul PROMO)
14. LIT "Brown Dwarf"[Hyena Stomp Red Giant Mix](Classic Music Company PROMO)
15. Jack Dixon "Spindrive"(Leftroom PROMO)
16. Altered Natives "In My Heart Forever"[Stay Dead](Eye4Eye)
17. Roebin de Freitas "Wabi Sabi"[Najem Sworb Remix 1.9](RdF)

Part 2
Triple Play: Juju & Jordash "Techno Primitivism" LP (Dekmantel)
18. Juju & Jordash "Stoplight Loosejaw"(Dekmantel)
19. Juju & Jordash "Loosey Goosey"(Dekmantel)
20. Juju & Jordash "Powwow"(Dekmantel)
21. Recondite "DRGN"(Hotflush)
22. Roebin de Freitas "Torenhoog"[Djorvin Clain Reconstruction](RdF)
23. Redshape "Starsoup"(Running Back)
24. joeFarr "Crack Slab"(Turbo Recordings)
25. Phil Weeks "Hooked On U"(Robsoul PROMO)
26. Marco Zenker "Stressin Neighbour"(Illian Tape)
27. Illum Sphere "Birthday"(Young Turks)
28. Peter Van Hoesen "Rapture's Coming"(Time To Express)
Triple Play: Terrence Dixon
29. Terrence Dixon "The Study"(Tresor)
30. Sone "Pick Sides"[Terrence Dixon Remix](Subspec)
31. Terrence Dixon "Vision Blurry"(Tresor)
32. Markantonio & Roberto Capuano "Pearl"(Unrilis PROMO)
33. Skudge "Vessel"(Nonplus Records)