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19 Oct 12

Thelonious Funk Sessions #153 (Next Gen Mix by Lokua)



This weeks show kicks off with an previously unreleased tune from Belgian producer Locked Groove. I have forthcoming music from Chicago producers Hakim Murphy & G. Marcell. I have more music from the albums of Robert Hood, Barker & Baumecker, Juju & Jordash, Benjamin Brunn & Terrence Dixon. This weeks triple play features tunes from Untold's Change In A Dynamic Environment trilogy EPs on Hemlock Recordings. Just before doing this show I received a split EP promo from a label named BBW. It featured artists with some very interesting names that should be considered names for porn stars (Deepthroat & Black Ebony). However I will say this is one of the most impressive EPs I have heard this year. One of the track has the the energy & muscle equivalent to Head High's "Rave". It is surely a must have.

For the second part of the show we continue the Next Gen series from Chicago Techno producer Lokua. I featured one of his tracks in the Chicago Special I did over a month ago. I had the pleasure of meeting this gentleman through a forum I was involved in for Resident Advisor regard the issues going on in the Chicago scene. I came to realize that he held a very cool weekly residency for 3 years on the far north side of Chicago (Heartbeat). He has brought in so many talented DJs in to play with him. He invited me for a set back in the middle of the summer. He is also a talented producer in his own right. Seeing what Josh does is a prime example of what is right about the Chicago scene. He is one many faces in the crowd that do not get the credit for what he does. Well he gets credit from me.

So for his mix he has managed to put all unreleased music along with some live productions he did this year. He picked up where I left off with some heavy techno & rounding it off with some ambient sounds. Be sure to check out his latest release Underly on CPKAY RCRDS.

I just decided to take the opportunity to end the show with another tune from Djvorin Clain's breathtaking "Pattern Of Thought" album. The show started & ended with Belgian producers. Please note if you want any of the previous shows or uninterrupted copies of the Next Gen Series Mixes please do not hesitate to contact me on facebook (Henderick Mitchell). Also keep in mind we are already just a under month & a half away from the top 100 tunes of 2012 for the weekly show in December. So your opinions would be good for the debate... Until then...

Enjoy The Music,

Henderick AKA Thelonious Funk


1st Hour
1. Locked Groove "Affinity"(CDR)
2. Robert Hood "Hate Transmissions"(Music Man)
3. Hakim Murphy "Muffintop Dreams"(Sound Black PROMO)
4. Juju & Jordash "Track David Would Play"(Dekmantel)
5. Public Ebony "Gush"(BBW PROMO)
6. Barker & Baumecker "Silo"(Osgut Ton)
7. G. Marcell "SubDivision"(Machining Dreams PROMO)
8. Hans Berg "Space Arp"(Fullbarr PROMO)
9. Juju & Jordash "Dubsex"(Golf Channel)
10. Benjamin Brunn "C3 Light Blue"[Minimal](Colour Tracks)
Triple Play: Untold "Change In A Dynamic Environment EPs 1-3" (Hemlock Recordings)
11. Untold "Kane"(Hemlock Recordings)
12. Untold "Caslon"(Hemlock Recordings)
13. Untold "Motion The Dance"(Hemlock Recordings)
14. Terrence Dixon "Dark City Of Hope"[Main mix](Tresor)
15. Deepthroat "Double-Ended YB"(BBW PROMO)

2nd Hour
Next Gen Exclusive Mix: Lokua (CPKAY RCRDS/ Moment Sound)
16. Lokua "Attack The Boards"(Unreleased)
17. Lokua "Mud Wars"(Unreleased)
18. Lokua "Zero In"(Unreleased)
19. Lokua "Ice The Breaks"(Unreleased)
20. Lokua "Cut 2"(Unreleased)
21. Lokua "Freshold"(Unreleased)
22. Lokua "Dirt"(Unreleased)
23. Lokua "Thenke 2"(Unreleased)
24. Lokua "626"(Unreleased)
25. Lokua "Ptone 3"(Unreleased)
26. Lokua "12.06.12 Freestyle Session"(Unreleased)
27. Lokua "12.06.01 Freestyle Session"(Unreleased)
End Of Mix
28. Djvorin Clain "Never Forget"(Silent Season)