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3 Dec 12

Thelonious Funk Sessions #155 Year End Review [Vol.1 of 5]



Sorry it's been a while since I have done a weekly show. I wanted to make sure this year's edition of the Year End Review gets covered in the best possible way. So if this is the first time you are checking out this special here are the rules. This list consist of tunes that are released from December 1st 2011 to December 1st 2012. Please note if I have received promos before the actual release date it could be considered on the list as well. These are tunes that cover various sounds of electronica highly recommended by me for you to have in your collection.

So for the first installment in our 5 part series, Cooly G cracks the top 100 with a tune from her debut album on Hyperdub. Djrum's contribution on the Electronic Exploration Compilation was certainly a highlight for me. Japanese producer Jealousguy's "Hydra" makes the list at the last minute. It is available on vinyl only (100 copies) on the label's Bandcamp site. Moodymann once again makes an impression this year with a remix of Pollyn. Chicago producer Amir Alexander makes his debut in the Year End Review with a tune from his Gutterflex EP on Argot. Another year another fantatic release from the baud imprint by Dario Zenker. I have two New Yorkers (Eli Escobar & Machinedrum) & two Canadians (Jacques Greene & Nautiluss) rounding off the end of the first hour.

For the top 90 I have tunes from the albums of Actress & Djorvin Clain. One track that was certainly one of my tunes of the summer was Simulation by Roisin Murphy. Very nice midtempo groove to it... 2012 was a big year for the Isreali duo Juju & Jordash with their album on Dekmantel. However the track they did for Endless Flight was very good as well. The Citizen's Band cracks the list with his "Broken Rome" track. Ricardo Villalobo's "Ferenc" make the cut as well. Finnish producer Matti Turunen makes the list on with his amazing track "Elokuu" that was also well received by Ripperton apparently. I am not one to disagree. Nina Kraviz gets remixed by Steve Rachmad on Rekids. Kerri Chandler's exclusive track on Tresor makes the cut while Gerry Read's remix of Hot Coins rounds off the top 90.

Next week we will focus on the top 80. Until then...

Enjoy The Music,

Henderick AKA Thelonious Funk


Part 1
100. Cooly G "He Said I Said"(Hyperdub)
99. Djrum "On the Road 2010"(Electronic Explorations)
98. Jealousguy "Hydra"(Original Cultures)
97. Pollyn "Sometimes You Just Know"[Moodymann Remix](Rough Trade)
96. Amir Alexander "Dark Dirt"(Argot)
95. Dario Zenker "Sherhood"(baud)
94. Eli Escobar feat. Lindsey Caldwell "I Believe"(ditherdown)
93. Jacques Greene "Prism"(3024)
92. Machinedrum "No Respect"(Luckyme)
91. Nautiluss "Surfeit"(Turbo Recordings)

Part 2
90. Actress "Serpent"(Honest Jons)
89. Djvorin Clain "Somewhere"(Silent Season)
88. Roisin Murphy "Simulation"(Permanent Vacation)
87. Juju & Jordash "Junosync"(Endless Flight)
86. The Citizen's Band "Broken Rome"(Live At Robert Johnson)
85. Ricardo Villalobos "Ferenc"(Perlon)
84. Matti Turunen "Elokuu"(Muhk)
83. Nina Kraviz "Ghetto Kraviz"[Steve Rachmad's Jack Mix](Rekids)
82. Kerri Chandler "Cobal"[Version 1](Tresor)
81. Hot Coins "Geek Emotions"[Gerry Read Remix](Hot Coins)

  • Henderick AKA Thelonious Funk

    Hey Pablo!

    I rated the Pollyn track higher but it goes to show you how big this year was... You will understand in the coming weeks why other tunes are rated higher.... Thanks for listening!!

  • Pablo P

    Amazing tracks all over the place.
    I stick with:
    91. Nautiluss "Surfeit"(Turbo Recordings
    97. Pollyn "Sometimes You Just Know"[Moodymann Remix](Rough Trade)
    (Surprised it is not higher in the rank)
    83. Nina Kraviz "Ghetto Kraviz"[Steve Rachmad's Jack Mix](Rekids)

    Let the chart and discussions role!

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