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16 Dec 12

Thelonious Funk Sessions #156 Year End Review [Vol. 2 of 5]



Kicking off the 2nd installment for the top 80 I have music from John Roberts who has had a slow year in 2012. However, whenever you have a release from him you must take notice. One of the highlights of Shed's The Killer album makes the top 80. NeferTT's Pyramel makes the list as well. Very nice grooves from the Hotflush camp. London singer Py makes the list with a tune featuring George Fitzgerald (Hotfush/Aus Music) from her Tripping On Wisdom mixtape. The Analog Roland Orchestra makes the cut with a tune from his album on Ornaments. Israeli duo Juju & Jordash is in the top 75 with a tune from their highly regarded Techno Primitivism album.

One artist I have been quite impressed by this year is Chicago based producer Ike Release & his newly established Episodes imprint. He was also the first to kick off my exclusive Next Gen Mix Series back in April. His track Puntigam track is on the EP that kicked off his Episodes label. There is plenty more to come from this talented producer in the near future. Just when I thought there was a year when I would not see any music coming from Detroit duo Oliverwho Factory, I was sucker punched with multiple releases at the last minute. Their tune from the Dolly label is one of them. I have two huge tracks from album of the year candidates Jacob Korn (You & Me) & Legowelt (The Paranormal Soul). Will the albums make the top 10 you will find out on the monthly report soon...

For the top 70, I have one of the most thought provoking tunes of the year by another Chicago producer Hakim Murphy. This was taken from his D:E:C:O:N:S:T:R:U:C:T:I:O:N album on his Machining Dreams Label. Detroit is represented with music from Moodymann reminiscent of the Amp Dog Knights "I'm Doing Fine". "Pray For Love" is from his "Picture This" release on Scion AV. The second artist from Detroit having a big year is DJ Dez Andres. Many will say that his New For U EP was one of the highlights of 2012. The last is a collaboration by Big Strick & Omar S from the Reservoir Dogs compilation. Syracuse cracks the list with some acidic disco deepness on French label Antinote. A Sagittariun makes the list with a tune from the critically acclaimed "Born Under 22 Stars" EP on Elastic Dreams. Boddika's rerub of Skudge makes the list.

New York duo Sepalcure made the top 100 last year with "The One" from their critically acclaimed album on Hotflush. Canadian producer Kevin McPhee breathes new life into it with his remix thus making it on this year's list. Jacob Korn makes the list again on with another tune from his album. Mick Wills rounds off the this show with a massive tune from the Philpot label. Next week we go into the top 60, but for now...

Enjoy The Music,

Henderick AKA Thelonious Funk


Part 1
80. John Roberts "Crushing Shells"(Laid)
79. Shed "Day After"(50 Weapons)
78. NeferTT "Pyramel"(Hotflush)
77. Py produced by George Fitzgerald "Lungs"(Unreleased)
76. The Analog Roland Orchestra "Reset"(Ornaments)
75. Juju & Jordash "Track David Would Play"(Dekmantel)
74. Ike Release "Puntigam"(Episodes)
73. The Oliverwho Factory "Before"(Dolly)
72. Jacob Korn & Sneaker "Heteronomous"(Uncanny Valley)
71. Legowelt "Voice of Triumph"(Clone Jack For Daze)

Part 2
70. Hakim Murphy "Arise"(Machining Dreams)
69. Moodymann "Pray 4 Love"(Scion)
68. Andres "New For U"(La Vida)
67. Syracuse "Giant Mirrors"(Antinote)
66. A Sagittariun "Wind Tunnel"(Elastic Dreams)
65. Skudge "Below"[Boddika Acid Refix](Skudge)
64. Sepalcure "The One"[Kevin McPhee Remix](Hotflush)
63. Big Strick feat Omar-S "Family Affair"(7 Day Ent.)
62. Jacob Korn & Break SL feat Tabitha Xavier "You & Me"(Uncanny Valley)
61. Mick Wills "Space Probe VII"(Philpot)

  • Niktheamp

    Every year buddy you just get it on. Looking forward to the rest to follow

  • Henderick AKA Thelonious Funk


    Good to hear feedback from you again. The 3rd volume is up! 4th vol is next & quite heavy... Thanks for listening as usual...

  • Spider

    Dope!  Part 2 had some serious heat in there!  Keep up the great work bro!


  • Henderick AKA Thelonious Funk

    Yeah you can tell the tracks are getting more intense... Part 3 coming very soon... Get ready...

  • Dazcamps45

    No2 mix is tremendous Mr funk. I'm in my lounge now shockin out and I should be in work. Amazing mix :)

  • Henderick AKA Thelonious Funk

    Hey Kuri,

    Thanks for checking out the show. I agree that the Moodymann & Andres tracks are superb!

  • kuri

    love that "Pray 4 Love" as well. that chorus got stuck in my head so many times this year. And of course that Andres joint was head of the pack. 

  • Henderick AKA Thelonious Funk

    Hey Arthur,

    Glad you like the show. I will certainly keep things going... 3rd volume will follow in a couple of days. As you have heard on the show I had to deal with some copyright issues which took up a lot of time. I wanted to give it a week for each show to be headlined before posting another one. Things will get really interesting as we get to the 3rd volume. Still need to do the albums of the year as well...

  • Arthur

    i enjoy the show ; its really nice cool music keep up all the hard work.

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