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21 Dec 12

Thelonious Funk Sessions #157 Year End Review [Vol. 3 of 5]



For our third installment we kick of the top 60 with a tune from the amazing album New York producer KRTS. The Dekmantel label has been getting a lot of love due to the Juju & Jordash's Techno Primitivism LP. However Vakula's Vedomir LP is quite impressive as well based on his "Scream Kind Of Morning" track. Chicago producer Alex Israel makes the list with a tune from his Front Butt EP on Creme Organization. More talent from the NYC are included on this list with music from DJ Spider (Next Gen Alum) & Marshallito. This track is a must have & was also supported heavily by Marcel Dettmann in his Boiler Room Mix. You know it's hot if Berghain's finest is supporting it...

2012 was a big year for Terrence Dixon due to his critically acclaimed Far From Future Vol.2 LP. However one tune that was not on the album made the top 60. Lakker's "Summer Rain" continues the lush techno vibe followed by Public Ebony on the BBW Vinyl imprint. Harald Bjork & Nathan Fake makes the cut while Austin Cesear rounds off the top 60 with a tune from his Cruise Forever LP.

Another artist that wowed me this year (& many listeners) was Kansas City producer Huerco S. His untitled track from his No Jack EP on Wicked Bass is what introduced me to this talented producer hence the reason for making the top 50. 110% Silk recording artist Fort Romeau is included with a track from his Kingdoms LP. Essay & Puresque makes his debut on the Year End Review while we have repeat offenders like Kevin McPhee, Terrence Dixon & Oliverwho Factory. Cosmin TRG is no stranger to the year end review & this year is no different.

There were a lot of listeners that went nuts over the STL "Mindbender" track on last year's top 100. Well he's baaaaack & coming even stronger with a tune from his new "Secret Weapons" album. I can honestly say in my opinion that this album features some of his best work. "Thrill Trumpet" is one of them. Lastly, Conforce's stunning remix of Albert van Abbe rounds off the top 50.

Next week we go into the top 40 next week. Until then...

Enjoy The Music,

Henderick AKA Thelonious Funk


Part 1
60. KRTS "Close the Closet Door"(Project Mooncircle)
59. Vedomir "Scream Kind Of Morning"(Dekmantel)
58. Alex Israel "Mongo Raw"(Creme Organization)
57. DJ Spider & Marshallito "Phd"(subBASS Soundsystem)
56. Terrence Dixon "Inner Beauty"(AF Records)
55. Lakker "Summer Rain"(Blueprint Records)
54. Public Ebony "Gush"(BBW)
53. Harald Bjork "Ner"(Kranglan Broadcast)
52. Nathan Fake "Sense Head"(Borders Community)
51. Austin Cesear "The Beast"(Public Information)

Part 2
50. Huerco S. "Untitled"(Wicked Bass)
49. Fort Romeau "I Need U"(100% Silk)
48. Essay "Crying At Night"(Glyph Recordings)
47. Kevin McPhee "In Circles"(WNCL Recordings)
46. Puresque "Salamander"(Tresor)
45. Terrence Dixon "Dark City of Hope"[Hard Mix](Tresor)
44. Recloose "Magic"[Oliverwho Factory Remix](Rush Hour)
43. Cosmin TRG "Vertigo"(50 Weapons)
42. STL "Thrill Trumpet"(Something)
41. Albert van Abbe "OS_3009"[Conforce Remodel V3](No Comment)