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29 Dec 12

Thelonious Funk Sessions #158 Year End Review [Vol. 4 of 5]



For the 4th installment of our Year End Review we have New York producer Madteo kicking off the top 40 with a tune from his critically acclaimed Noi No album on Sahko. Huerco S. makes the list again along with Kevin Mc Phee... Robag Wruhme does a masterful remix of Long Arm on Project Mooncircle. Another Toronto producer Stuart Li AKA Basic Soul Unit has made the cut. Be on the lookout for his debut album on Still Music. UK producers Daniel Avery & Joy Orbison makes it in the top 35. Najem Sworb makes the Year End Review for 2nd year in a row. John Heckle remixes Trackmasta Lou on Tabernacle while Bicep remixes Ripperton to round off the top 40.

For the top 30 we have another huge track from the Antinote label by IUEKE that were originally found on reel to reel tapes from the early 90s. Talk about timeless music. Four Tet is an artist that I felt has an amazing set of eps that came out on his Text label. Ocoras was one of the many tracks from him. The further we go down the top 30 the tougher & harder the tracks get with tunes by Chicago Skyway, Untold & Anthony Naples & Ed Davenport. KiNK's amazing collarboration with voaclist Rachel Row makes the list from the Rush Hour label. LB Lynam's "Gets Things Straight" was premiered by Daphni aka Caribou in his Boiler Mix earlier this year & the anticipation for the release was warranted. It makes the top 25. Soundstream is the type of artist that is all about quality not quantity. So when he comes out with a release you must take notice. This time it is his "Julie's Theme" release on his label.

Lastly, if you have been paying attention to music this this year there have been two throwback sounds that have been really hitting people. One, was the revival of the Kerri Chandler style 90s NY house. The other was early 90s 4/4 warehouse techno with a powerful bass drum. This was called "Power House" by producer Rene Pawlowitz (A.K.A. Head High, Shed, WK7, EQD), hence the name of his label. One of my favorite tracks from this revived genre was a tune that was producer by an artist known as Deepthroat. His tune rounds of the show from the BBW Vinyl label (Repeat offender on this list). Just a little hint it may not be the last you hear of this sound on the Year End Review. So keep an eye on the top 20 tunes of the year to see where they could rank. Until then...

Enjoy The Music,

Henderick AKA Thelonious Funk


Part 1
40. Madteo "Dead Drop"[When I Saw You That Nite](Sahko)
39. Huerco S. "Elma"[Ruff Rub](Opal Tapes)
38. Kevin McPhee "Who Loves You"(Brainmath)
37. Long Arm "The Waterfall Inside Me"[RobagĀ“s Bad Bocklet Revolut](Project Mooncircle)
36. Basic Soul Unit "Mindstorm"(Nonplus)
35. Daniel Avery "Need Electric"(Phantasy)
34. Joy Orbison "Ellipsis"(Hinge Finger)
33. Najem Sworb "Particules"(Metis Recordings)
32. Trackmasta Lou "To Day Is A Good Day"[John Heckle Re-Animation](Tabernacle)
31. Ripperton "Let's Hope"[Bicep Remix](Tamed Musiq)

Part 2
30. IUEKE "tape-1"(Antinote)
29. Four Tet "Ocoras"(Text)
28. Chicago Skyway "Noise"(Uzuri)
27. Anthony Naples "The Beacon"[Instrumental Dub](Opal Tapes)
26. Untold "Caslon"(Hemlock)
25. KiNK feat. Rachel Row "Hand Made"[Main Mix](Rush Hour)
24. Ed Davenport "Elvish"(Counterchange)
23. LB Lynam "Get Things Straight"(LB Lynam)
22. Soundstream "Julie's Theme"(Sound Stream)
21. Deepthroat "Double-Ended YB"(BBW)