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6 Jan 13

Thelonious Funk Sessions #159 Year End Review [Vol. 5 of 5]



For the final installment, UK producer Om Unit kicks off the top 20 with a track from the Project Mooncircle 10 year box set. Terrence Dixon has another track from his album on Tresor. What is a year end review without Omar S on the list? New York producer Levon Vincent had a big year with a one of the best Fabric mixes in recent memory. He makes the list for the 2nd year in a row with another tune from the Novel Sound label. Red Rack'em's take on Square Mode makes the top 20. We have two collaborations between Boddika & Joy Orbison in the top 15. Joey Anderson has been getting some serious pub due to the tracks done on Levon Vincent's Deconstruct label. His remix of DJ Spider's Kuru project confirms his arrival. STL rounds off the top 20 with one of his best production yet from his superb Secret Weapons LP on his Something label.

For the top 10, Djrum makes the list for the 2nd time with breathtaking techno on 2nd Drop. Lady Blacktronika & Chris Mitchell's Ikenga Project sneaks in the top 10 with a massive track on Sound Kemystry. Barker & Baumecker's album on Osgut Ton received rave reviews. The highlight of the album for me was 'Silo'. Lando Kal's production in 2012 was on another level. His Rhythm Sektion track was what boosted his profile for me. It was initially played on George Fitzgerald's Hotflush mix for Mixmag. The moment I heard it I knew it was special... Another tune from Kuru's amazing remix EP makes the top 10. This time it is Chicago duo Innerspace Halflife (Hakim Murphy & Ike Release) with a filthy remix. Be sure to check out their productions on MOS Deep, Maching Dreams & Episodes. They are the group to watch out for in 2013.

For the top 5 Ugandan Methods hit us with one of the heaviest basslines in a techno track I have heard in a while.. It's not often that you find an track from FXHE ranked so high not produced by Omar S. Well the Untitled track from Patrik Sjeren is one of those exceptions. One album that was very forward thinking was the Colour Tracks album from Benjamin Brunn. It's the ultimate DJ tool for various forms of electonica based on the color on the vinyl. So to make the long story short it is a multicolor vinyl album release. The best track on this superb album was one of the techno track (yellow A1 side) & it is destructive. Be sure to check out yet another album from Benjamin Brunn on Third Ear (A Sun Life).

As mentioned on the previous installment 2012 has been about bringing back the sound of 90s 4/4 warehouse techno with a powerful bass drum. The BBW Vinyl crew did the sound justice with Deepthroat's "Gag Reflex". However there was one man that did it best this year & came up with revival of this sound since 2010 known as "Power House". Rene Pawlowitz (A.K.A. Head High, Shed WK7, EQD) is no strange for making tunes that are classics & his Dirt Mix of "Rave" is my tune of the year. As one music critic mentioned in his review of this track "I really wish my first experience hearing this track would have been on the dancefloor of a club with an amazing". I am not one to disagree...

Lastly if you have been listening to these installments I really appreciate you taking this journey with me during the 5th year of me doing this show. I will vow to keep both my weekly & monthly shows fresh & exciting with plenty of amazing music & mixes. In fact I have plenty of amazing guest mixes from artists I've supported along with some specials focusing on specific artists & labels to watch. So stay tuned in 2013 for more...

Enjoy The Music & Your New Year,

Henderick AKA Thelonious Funk


Part 1
20. Om Unit "Naiad"(Project Mooncircle)
19. Terrence Dixon "Vision Blurry"(Tresor)
18. Omar S "Triangulum Australe"(FXHE)
17. Levon Vincent "Stereo Systems"(Novel Sound)
16. Square Mode "The Wheel"[Red Rack'Em Remix](Rebirth)
15. Actress "IWAAD"(Honest Jons)
14. Boddika & Joy Orbison "Swims"(Swamp 81)
13. Kuru "Black Moon Lilith"[Joey Anderson Remix](Sublevel Sounds)
12. Boddika & Joy Orbison "Mercy"(SunkLo)
11. STL "Wild Thing"(Something)

Part 2
10. Djrum "Watermark"(2nd Drop)
9. Ikenga Project "Ancestral Channels"(Sound Kemystry)
8. Barker & Baumecker "Silo"(Osgut Ton)
7. Lando Kal "Rhythm Sektion"(Hotflush)
6. Kuru "Mobius Strip" [Innerspace Halflife Remix](Sublevel Sounds)
5. Ugandan Methods "Beneath The Black Arch"(Ancient Methods)
4. Patrik Sjeren "Untitled"(FXHE)
3. Benjamin Brunn "A1 Yellow" [Techno](Colour Tracks)
2. Deepthroat "Gag Reflex"(BBW)
1. Head High "Rave"[Dirt Mix](Power House)