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16 Jan 13

Thelonious Funk Sessions #160 (Next Gen Mix By Djorvin Clain)



Hope your New Years was pleasant. I wanted to take a break after getting out the Year End Review for 2012 (Monthly Report will be posted soon). This show was initially meant to be played before the Year End shows but due to time constraints I had to put this on hold. However there are some good tracks worth checking out. So kicking off the show was a tune that is from a brillant album by New York producer KRTS. Djrum does a nice remix of Phaeleh on Afterglo Records. Kevin Mcphee was involed in 4 tracks in the year end review. His "In Circles" tune from WNCL Recordings was one of them. I have some more Kerri Chandler inspired music from Bicep. I have some music from Marcus Intalex's Trevino guise. I have two tracks from the brilliant Hemlock Chapter One Exclusives Compilation by Sei A & Guy Andrews. I have some heavy techno by Rrose.

I have two triple play by 2 candidates up album of the 2012. One is from Detroit producer Terrence Dixon featuring productions from his From Far Future Vol Album & music under his Population One guise. The other triple play is for our lastest installment for the Next Gen Series Belgian producer Djorvin Clain. His Pattern Of Thought album really grabbed my attention as you will see on the Year End Review. I featured 2 tunes from that album along with a nice remix he did for Roebin de Freitas.

For the 2nd part of the show, Djorvin's Next Gen Mix features some of his productions along with music from the Echospace label, Model 500, Transilvanian Galaxi & Samuel Kerridge. It appears that I am not the only one fond of the talents of Terrence Dixon & STL. Plenty of thanks to Djorvin for taking the time out of his busy to make such a great mix for us to enjoy. Once again, if you need a copy of this or any other Next Gen Mixes from any of the artists that are no longer up please do not hesistate to contact me...

Enjoy The Music,
Henderick AKA Thelonious Funk


Part 1
1. KRTS "Close the Closet Door"(Project Mooncircle)
2. Phaeleh "The Cold In You"[Djrum Remix](Afterglo)
3. Jack Dixon "E"(Hotflush)
4. Kevin McPhee "In Circles"(WNCL Recordings)
5. Bicep "Feel It"(PROMO)
6. Trevino "Tactical Manoeuvre"(3024)
7. Sei A "Hyphen"(Hemlock Recordings)
Triple Play: Djorvin Clain
8. Djorvin Clain "Structured Signature"(Silent Season)
9. Roebin de Freitas "Torenhoog"[Djorvin Clain Reconstruction](RdF)
10. Djorvin Clain "Somewhere"(Silent Season)
11. Matti Turunen "Stars"(Muhk)
12. Guy Andrews "Resistivity"(Hemlock Recordings)
13. Rrose "Cavity"(Eaux)
Triple Play: Terrence Dixon
14. Terrence Dixon "Band Together"(Tresor)
15. Population One "Midnight Hours"(Delsin)
16. Terrence Dixon "Horizon"(Tresor)

Part 2
Next Gen Exclusive Mix: Djorvin Clain (Silent Season)
17. Deepchord "Grandbend" [Remastered Mix](echospace)
18. Transilvanian Galaxi "You Have Always Been The Caretaker"(Acido)
19. Samuel Kerridge "Remove Yourself"(Horizontal Ground)
20. Model 500 "Starlight"[Deepchord Mix](echospace)
21. Pendle Coven "Habitual Stress"(Modern Love)
22. Djorvin Clain "Kajimeara"(Silent Season)
23. Terrence Dixon "Fountain Of Life"(Tresor)
24. Helm "Impossible Symmetry"(PAN)
25. Djorvin Clain "Deep Storm"(Silent Season)
26. Atheus "Drone 37Hz"(Styrax)
27. Samuel Kerridge "In And Out"(Horizontal Ground)
----Djorvin Clain - Deep Storm Interlude--------------
28. Wolfgang Voigt "R├╝ckverzauberung 6.1"(Kompakt)
29. STL "Keep It On The Down Low"(Something)
30. STL "Get A Room"(Something)
End Of Mix