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4 Feb 13

Thelonious Funk Sessions #162 (TF's L.I.E.S Label of the Month Mixtape)



This week's show kicks off with a beautiful ambient tune from techno producer James Ruskin from the 4th installment of the Stellate series on Stroboscopic Artefacts. I have another sick tune from the Project Mooncircle crew. This time it is from Russian producer Lomovolokno. I have laptop folk (or folktronica if you want to call it) from talent LA producer Astronautica on Alpha Pup. I wanted to play a tune from Jorge Velez's album of unreleased cuts from the 90s on Rush Hour. Definitely worth a listen. Marcellis is definitely a producer to look out for in the future. His EP on Workshop confirms this. BNJMN remixes a track from his Singing Statues Project on Astro:Dynamics. I have some forthcoming material from Luke Solomon on Fullbar.

NY based producer Machinedrum remixes Barker & Baumecker on Osgut Ton. A Sagittariun gets the remix treatment from techno producer Aubrey on Elsatic Dreams. René Pawlowitz takes a break from his Head High & Shed monikers to do some work as Wax. Move D returns with some music on Electric Minds. There's some more new music from Kris Wadsworth, Mr Ho & Florian Blauensteiner on Klasse Recordings. More forthcoming music on the show from DJ Garphie on Pirahnahead's Whasdat label. Dario Zenker rounds off the first part of the show with a tune from his EP on Illian Tape.

I wanted to try & keep the vibe going this year bringing fresh new ideas for my shows. I plan to do some shows that include specials focusing on artists & labels of the month. I remember doing a mix of all music from Dutch producer Legowelt a year & a half ago. So for the 2nd part of the show I want to kick off a label of the month series mixtape. This one is all about Long Island Electric System (L.I.E.S) out of New York founded by Ron Morelli. Founded in 2010, Ron has been at the forefront of finding untapped talent mostly based in the States. His label has received critical acclaim from Resident Advisor & Little White Earbuds. Jahiliyya Fields' Unicursal Hexagram album on L.I.E.S have seen on various 2012 Year End Reviews. His vinyl release have a limited press run & go for a lot of cash on Discogs. I have even had to break down & buy some of the vinyl to burn it on digital. So lets talk about the particular tracks that are on this label of the month mixtape shall we?

Most of the tracks played in this mix are tunes from his American Noise compilation. The first CD features tracks that were previously vinyl only while the 2nd CD there are tracks exclusive to the compilation. Dutch producer Legowelt kicks off the mixtape with a tune from the compilation. Definitely check out his Sark Island Acid EP along with his collaborations with Xosar as Trackman Lafonte & Bonquiqui. Swedish producer Samo DJ has 2 tracks in the mix from his Tai Pau Kau EP. Marcos Cabral is represented pretty well with a tune from his 24 Hour Flight EP & a remix he did for Professor Genius (AKA Jorge Velez). I have two tracks from Steve Summer's In The Mode For Love EP. Delroy Edwards appears to have gotten the most love in the mix featuring 2 tracks from his 4 Club Use Only EP & his exclusive track from the American Noise Compilation.

Ron's collaboration with Brooklyn producer Jason Letkiewicz as Two Dogs In A House makes an appearance as well. San Francisco producer Xosar (as Bonquiqui) makes it on the mixtape as well. Be sure to check out the her first EP Tropical Cruize on L.I.E.S. One of my personal favorites from the L.I.E.S. catalog comes from Chicago producer Svengalisghost. His Mind Control EP is certainly one to pick up. The jewel in that crown is his "Mars Out Of Range" track. I have 2 tracks from Steve Moore from his Panther Moderns & Zero Point Field EPs. I am familiar with Shawn O'Sullivan's releases on WT Records. However his Weld EP as Vapauteen on L.I.E.S. is on another level... Lastly, Bookworms does an exclusive track on the compilation. However you might want to check out his Love Triangles EP as well.

So that is a huge dig into the L.I.E.S. catalog... Be sure to pick up that American Noise Compilation. So by all means...

Enjoy The Music,

Henderick AKA Thelonious Funk


Part 1
1. James Ruskin "Cast Down"(Stroboscopic Artefacts)
2. Lomovolokno "Eena"(Project Mooncircle PROMO)
3. Astronautica "Cruise"(Alpha Pup Records)
4. J Velez "Luminous View"(Rush Hour)
5. Marcellis "A1"(Workshop)
6. Singing Statues "Persian Prince"[BNJMN Remix](Astro:Dynamics)
7. Marcellis "B1"(Workshop)
8. Luke Solomon "Crash Beat"(Fullbarr PROMO)
9. Barker & Baumecker "No Body"[Machinedrum Remix](Osgut Ton)
10. A Sagittariun "Funky Archer"[Aubrey Remix](Elastic Dreams PROMO)
11. Wax "50005 B"(WAX)
12. Move D "Got2b"(Electric Minds)
13. Kris Wadsworth "Rules"(Klasse Recordings PROMO)
14. DJ Garphie "Synth The Size"[G's Dipped In Acid Mix](Whasdat PROMO)
15. Mr Ho & Florian Blauensteiner "Crescendo"(Klasse Recordings PROMO)
16. Dario Zenker "Chris De Slurgh"(Illian Tape)

Part 2
TF's Label of the Month Mixtape: Long Island Electric System (L.I.E.S)
17. Legowelt "Ferns From Draconis"(L.I.E.S.)*
18. Samo DJ "Tai Pau Kau"(L.I.E.S.)
19. Marcos Cabral "24 Hour Flight"(L.I.E.S.)*
20. Terekke "Asidis"(L.I.E.S)*
21. Professor Genius "Merciful And Blessed"[Marcos Cabral Remix](L.I.E.S.)
22. Steve Summers "The Mode For Love"(L.I.E.S.)
23. Delroy Edwards "4 Club Use Only"(L.I.E.S.)
24. Two Dogs In A House "5th Floor"(L.I.E.S.)*
25. Bonquiqui "Sansovtime"(L.I.E.S.)*
26. Delroy Edwards "Bells"(L.I.E.S.)
27. Svengalisghost "Mars Out Of Range"(L.I.E.S.)
28. Steve Moore "Zero-Point Field"(L.I.E.S.)
29. Steve Summers "Different Paths"(L.I.E.S.)
30. Samo DJ "Leggo"(L.I.E.S.)
31. Bookworms "360 Waves"(L.I.E.S.)*
32. Vapauteen "Measure"(L.I.E.S.)*
33. Delroy Edwards "Feelings"(L.I.E.S.)*
(*Available on American Noise Compilation)
End Of Mix