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12 Feb 13

Thelonious Funk Sessions #163



This week is a pure Thelonious Funk selection of music coming your truly. So kicking off the show I have new music from Actress which could hold you over until his forthcoming Ghettoville album. I have a track from Henrik Schwarz that flew under my radar back in October of last year. Not a fan of autotune vocals (thanks to Drake/Lil Wayne) but this sort of works for me. Be on the look out for new remixes this year from Carl Craig under his C2 guise. STL strikes again with new music on his Something imprint. The two tracks on this show are on his Banned From Terra EP. Once again I highly recommend his Secret Weapons album that was released in Early December. I have some big tunes from artists repping the New York scene. First is Anthony Naples with a follow up to his critically acclaimed "Mad Disrespect" EP on Mister Saturday Night. The other is the talented duo of DJ Spider & Marshallito for their Infinite Potential EP on subBASS Sound System.

I have some music from a new sublabel by Amir Alexander featuring one of his tracks & a tune from Joey Anderson. Skudge returns with another big tune from their label. French producer Bambounou remixes Bodhi on Grizzly Records. Kobosil remixes Barker & Baumecker's "Silo" on Osgut Ton. Kassem Mosse rounds out the first part of the show with a tune from the Nonplus compilation Think & Change. This is a compilation of tracks that have been highly anticipated for several months. How big is the anticipation? Well Boddika's VIP Mix of Mercy is on this compilation & on the 2nd part of this show. The sampler should be out by now. get it before it sells out...

The 2nd Part of the show has music from San Francisco producer Holly Herndon from he debut album Movement. Policy does some new music on Steve Mizek's Argot imprint. Mike Denhert returns as MD2. Marco Bernardi does a massive remix of A Sagittariun on Elastic Dreams. Conforce does some banging techno on Delsin followed by the 2nd installment of the Raw Series... Our triple play features tunes by Marcelus, Bleak & Maan from the 1st installment Tresor compilation mix Kern mixed by DJ Deep... The show is finished with tunes from AnD, Aril Brikha & Immer...

Enjoy The Music & Your Valentine's Day,

Henderick AKA Thelonious Funk


Part 1
1. Actress "Voodoo Posse Chronic Illusion"(Werk Disc)
2. Henrik Schwarz "Take Words In Return"(Watergate)
3. STL "Loon Side Drift"(Something)
4. Anthony Naples "Moscato"[Side A](Mister Saturday Night)
5. Soul Capsule "Lady Science"[NYC Sunrise Mix](Trelik)
6. Amir Alexander "Ostinato!"(Annunaki Cartel)
7. JiMMi Hendrik "Acerbic Sweetness"(Freude Am Tanzen)
8. Bodhi "Culture"[Bambounou Remix](Grizzly)
9. DJ Spider & Marshallito "Noam Chomsky"(subBASS Sound System)
10. Joey Anderson "Table of Contents"(Annunaki Cartel)
11. Skudge "Haste"(Skudge Records)
12. Barker & Baumecker "Silo"[Kobosil Remix](Osgut Ton)
13. Kassem Mosse "Broken Patterns"(Nonplus)

Part 2
14. Holly Herndon "Fade"(RVNG Intl.)
15. Policy "Thick Nostalgia"(Argot PROMO)
16. MD2 "MD2.5.1"(MD2)
17. A Sagittariun "Eye Against Eye" [Marco Bernardi Super Ninja Mix](Elastic Dreams PROMO)
18. DJ Spider & Marshallito "Full Spectrum Dominance"(subBASS Sound System)
19. Conforce "The Last Anthem"(Delsin)
20. Raw Series "#02A"(Raw Series)
Triple Play - VA Kern Vol. 1 (Tresor)
21. Marcelus "Y02"(Tresor)
22. Bleak "Neon Shape"(Tresor)
23. Maan "Jackin'"(Tresor)
24. Boddika & Joy Orbison "Mercy"[Boddika's VIP](Nonplus)
25. AnD "BNGD"(Black Sun Records)
26. Aril Brikha "People Mover"(Art Of Vengeance)
27. Immer "As Ol' Ways"(Fullbarr PROMO)
28. STL "Stay For Me"(Something)