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20 Feb 13

Thelonious Funk Sessions #164 (TF's STL Artist of the Month Mixtape)



This show kicks off with new music from Terekke on Long Island Electric System (L.I.E.S). I have more amazing collaborations DJ Spider has done with Marshallito & Phil Moffa. Marco Bernardi has another remix for A Sagittariun. Neville Watson gets a nice rerub by MOS recording artist Perseus Traxx. Legowelt has some new music on Unknown To The Unknown. The triple play this week is for Jack Dixon, featuring music from latest ep on White Asega & a forthcoming remix for Sam Russo. Speaking of Sam Russo, I have also include another track from the same EP that features the Jack Dixon remix forthcoming on Leftroom Limited.

I have some new music from Clouds from the sublabel of Turbo Recordings (Twin Turbo). One new artist you might want to keep an eye on in the earlier part of 2013 is San Francisco producer Oliver Vereker. He has 2 EP on L.I.E.S. that is certainly worth checking out. Your preview is available on this show. Moire gets a remix from his label boss Actress on Werk Discs. Another album that is on my radar on for Album of the Year is Map.Ache's debut LP Ulfo. I played one of the many highlights on this impressive release. The first part of the show rounds off with Buenos Aires producer Oswld on Non Series.

For the second part of the show I wanted to enter the mind of Stephan Laubner under his STL guise. The man has been making some amazing music whether is was on Smallville or his own Something imprint. I tend to feel that there are a lot of EPs & Albums (i.e. Flying Objects, Secret Weapons) he released on his label that did not get the support it deserves. This may due to not many people not being aware of his label. He also does some drone/ambient music as Lunatik Sound System (new CD out now). So I wanted to play a lot of tracks from his vinyl series catalog. This man certainly keeps himself busy!

The mixtape features some tracks that I have made my Year End Review like "Mindbender" (2011), "Thrill Trumpet" & "Wild Thing". Tracks like "Dark Energy", "Supersonic" & "Manblind" were also played previously. I also used this as an opportunity to play more tracks that I did not get a chance to play that are quite impressive. If you want to get the tracks for this talented artist, here is his page for the vinyl releases including his latest Banned From Terra EP:

For the people that want the digital he is willing to send you the wavs on a DVD for the price of vinyl. Hope you will like the Artist of the Month mixtape for STL.

Enjoy The Music,

Henderick AKA Thelonious Funk


Part 1
1. Terekke "Amaze"(L.I.E.S.)
2. DJ Spider & Marshallito "Rene Descartes"(subBASS Sound System)
3. A Sagittariun "Eye Against Eye"[Marco Bernardi Elevated Mishape](Elastic Dreams PROMO)
4. Neville Watson "One Four Green"[Perseus Traxx Remix](Teng PROMO)
5. Legowelt "Visions in My Mind"(Unknown To The Unknown)
Triple Play: Jack Dixon
6. Jack Dixon "Glassworks"(White Asega)
7. Sam Russo "Losing Things"[Jack Dixon Remix](Leftroom Limited PROMO)
8. Jack Dixon "Park Row"(White Asega)
9. Clouds "Terrorcore"(Twin Turbo)
10. Sam Russo "Not Another Juno Track"(Leftroom Limited PROMO)
11. Map.Ache "A Two Piece Puzzle"(Kann Records)
12. Vereker "Fear Eats The Soul"(L.I.E.S.)
13. Bozzwell "Ambition"[Semtek Remix](Clouded Vision)
14. Moiré "Lose It"[Actress Remix](Werk Discs)
15. DJ Spider & Phil Moffa "Oracle Octaves"(Sublevel Sounds)
16. Oswld "R Gu Du"(Non Series)

Part 2
TF's Artist Of The Month Mixtape: STL (Something Records)
17. STL "Jump And Run"(Something Records)
18. STL "Walking Blind"(Something Records)
19. STL "Down Is Good"(Something Records)
20. STL "Supersonic"(Something Records)
21. STL "Thrill Trumpet"(Something Records)
22. STL "Dark Energy"(Something Records)
23. STL "Mindbender"(Something Records)
24. STL "Snapmode"(Something Records)
25. STL "Manblind"(Something Records)
26. STL "Like This"(Something Records)
27. STL "Moon Patrol"(Something Records)
28. STL "What The Heck"(Something Records)
29. STL "Wild Thing"(Something Records)
End Of Mix